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Posted by Dinah on May 5, 2007, at 13:27:47

In reply to Re: Anne Perry, Sharyn McCrumb, and S. Saylor Racer, posted by Dinah on May 4, 2007, at 23:27:59

A couple of quotes from "Roselynde"

'"I was dreaming."

Dreaming? Surely, Alinor thought as she heard the Queen's command repeated, that is not the face of a dreamer. It was the face of a Norman reaver, square and hard, with a determined chin and a hard mouth. The nose was hidden by the nosepiece, but after Sir Simon had swung down from his horse and lifted her, first to her feet and then into her saddle, her conviction was a little shaken. Perhaps the eyes, a misty gray-blue, held dreams. They were remarkably innocent eyes - more innocent, I would guess, than my own, Alinor thought.'

and my favorite

'"Simon lounged on the nearest bench, his eyes on the exquisite work and the flying needle that produced it.

"I cannot do that," he had said softly one time.

Alinor looked up from her work and laughed, "What? Embroider?"

"That too, but I meant I cannot produce beauty of any kind."

After a moment of silence in which Alinor studied Simon's face, she said, "That is not really true. There is a beauty in justice. Often and often, I have heard tell, you have made fair and just what was foul and corrupt."'


'She was rewarded for her restraint by a week of perfect romance, just as she had read it in the tales of Chretien de Troyes and Andreas Cappelanus' Tractatus. Simon had learned the conventions in his youth and he unfolded that fragile and lovely plaything of the idle for the child he loved, who did not believe in idleness.'

I daresay my therapist would make something of Simon being thirty years senior to Alinor. :) But really, how could anyone resist that man of honour and duty with the misty blue-gray eyes of a dreamer?




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