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Vitamins competing for absorption?

Posted by Escapee on September 15, 2016, at 12:34:53

Its well establishes that most minerals compete for absorption. Zinc,iron & copper, etc...

But do any vitamins compete for absorption?

I do know that B vitamin blood levels should be kept in balance, so if taking high doses of one or more single B vits, it is advised to take an all-round B-50 or B-100 complex too.

But what about absorption? As a caution, I always take high doses of any single water-soluble vitamins on their own away from meals, or with Omega 3s & 6s in the case of fat soluble vits, but still on an empty stomach if possible.

Of course if taking several high doses of nutrients, its difficult to spread them all throughout the day. So I take those particular high doses together 30mins before or 2hrs+ after meals, normally before breakfast or before a bedtime snack which I always try to have, depending on the nutrient and what its for.

Multi vits & mins are taken right after a meal to make sure they get absorbed with food. I prefer quick release rather than timed-release multis.

Minerals in general are best taken with protein as the acidic environment increases their bioavailability.

Also, I am wondering if minerals, when in there more higher absorbable organic forms (amino-acid-chelates, gluconates, citrates, picolinates, as opposed to inorganic sulphates, carbonates & oxides) can be taken on an empty stomach, as they are already bound to an organic compound ready for absorption.

I found one source (talking about zinc 15mg+ 3 x daily for anorexia) which said to take zinc supplements away from meals on an empty stomach. And NOT with copper.

Hopefully I've made sense with my long sentences & commas!



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