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Re: Getting off coffee and nicotine

Posted by Lao Tzu on August 23, 2011, at 4:18:03

In reply to Getting off coffee and nicotine, posted by mellow on August 21, 2011, at 17:03:56

Risperdal is a strong drug. I take 6mg of Risperdal a day for schizophrenia. I smoke 2 packs a day and have two regular size coffees each day. I think you naturally gravitate to stimulants to offset the sedating effects of the Risperdal. Plus the shift work is throwing your circadian rhythms out of balance. That's probably the biggest factor in how you are feeling. If your sleep cycle is unbalanced you're not going to feel 100% no matter what supplements you take. The best thing is to find a job with predictable hours and go to bed the same time each day. The supplements you take seem okay. You're getting a multi and fish oil, which definitely are good for you, but in my honest opinion, adding more supplements may not do much good unless you correct your shift work problem. In fact, taking anything else with stimulating properties might make the situation worse. However, that being said, perhaps some Chinese panax ginseng or ashwaghanda might help. They are both adaptogens and they seem to offer favorable results. Rhodiola rosea is another one, but rhodiola can cause insomnia and may interfere with your meds, so I don't recommend that one. I have had some success with ginseng, but I haven't tried ashawaghanda. As far as coffee and cigars, they are not really good for bipolars or schizophrenics for that matter, but I fully understand that getting off of them is difficult. I've been down that road many times. I say solve your shift work problem first by getting a job with more favorable hours, and I'm sure things will be better for you. A routine schedule of sleep and activity is necessary for bipolars and schizophrenics. When you stray from that routine you cause imbalances in your circadian rhythms and then you feel like crap and want to caffeinate yourself to death just to feel normal. There's no sense in doing this to yourself. I find, in my case, that if I have a set routine of sleep and activity seven days a week, I feel better. That means getting to bed the same time everyday of the week. Good luck to you!





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