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Re: pyroluria...symptom or disorder? Larry Hoover

Posted by Simus on September 6, 2004, at 1:58:07

In reply to Re: pyroluria...symptom or disorder? Simus, posted by Larry Hoover on September 5, 2004, at 10:22:21

> > > I can't think of a single disorder where fish oils are contraindicated. If you can find such a reference, let me know, 'kay?
> >
> > It is because of the pyroluria condition. Dr. Edmond O`Flaherty has a very good Omega3 website where he included some of Dr. Walsh's work at the Pfeiffer clinic on pyrolurics. "We've had considerable success in using PUFA's (poly-unsaturated fatty acids) to treat persons with mental illness, but have found that omega-3 and omega-6 oils can cause clear worsening if given inappropriately. Pyrolurics need omega-6..... whereas most other patients need omega-3. There is a competition between o3 and o6 for zinc, B-6, and the delta 5,6 desaturases. The ideal would be to identify a person's biochemical individuality, with respect to PUFA's, then treat accordingly."
> I've only just begun to root out the truth within the theory, and it doesn't look good for Pfeiffer et al.
> There are correlations between a sub-population of the mentally ill and nutritional status and pyrroles in urine. Correlation can be explained in four possible ways. A leads to B; B leads to A (identical correlation in both these cases); coincidence; or, both A and B are caused by an unmeasured entity (or entities) C (and D, etc.).
> I am arriving at the conlusion that this latter case is the better explanation. Porphyria is a disorder of heme synthesis. Porphyrrins are essential protein-derived "shells" for the reactive metal ion in various molecules, such as chlorophyll, or hemoglobin. Porphyria has many variants, so it's hard to make generalizations, but one form is out-of-control synthesis of the pyrroles which are later turned into porphyrins. The excess pyrroles are dumped into urine by the kidneys. The pyrroles have numerous adverse effects, including psychosis and mood disturbance. Those adverse effects can be ameliorated by zinc and B6 supplements, in some cases. I believe that pyroluria (as a disorder) is an accidental re-discovery of porphyria, by someone who did not recognize its origin.
> Lar


I did check out porphyria, and I didn't really fall into any of the several sub-categories mentioned. However, it does make sense that "pyroluria" could possibly another sub-categories under porphyria. I understand that you look at things through a biochemist's eye. But when I was so sick, I looked at it and say, "Hey, that's me! That's my whole medical history right there! And the treatment makes me feel better!" So exactly what causes it and what it is named weren't nearly as important to me when I found it as the fact that I had finally found some relief from lifelong symptoms. The one thing that does concern me now is that since it really isn't recognized by most of the medical community (as anything at all), it won't be tested for in general and people who could be greatly helped with simple supplements like zinc and B6 just seem to get sicker and sicker... So I hope whatever it is gets more attention and research and finds a "home" somewhere in the medical journals so people like me don't have to go through what I did.

Once again, your knowledge astounds me, and I appreciate your continued help.





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