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Re: what are you thinking ayesha?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2021, at 4:34:26

In reply to Re: what are you thinking ayesha?, posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2021, at 4:21:43

I don't quite know what to make of her, yet.

I suppose she is Dunedin's latest offering to the world of politics.

First we had David whatever his name is. In the name of... Philosophy and Ethics. Apparently. Preventing the development of Medicine in New Zealand in the name of (terrible) Philosophy and Ethics...

Then there was Claire... Being all warm and fuzzy for South Dunedin. That's the trailor park ghetto sort of place in Dunedin. People were making a lot of money there from the fact that there were predictable floods nearly every winter. The insurance company pay-outs.

There was a sort of a... Ghetto potential. There is this potential. In Dunedin. The potential for Arts and Culture to really develop and thrive and flourish. But they keep their people so kicked back and down...

So deprived. To prevent expressions of creativity, even. There's a kicking down of the spirit.

You can't quite tell from their website. There's a real... Holding out of hands. 'Please sir can I have some more?' Bondage...

The elite white have done a number on the majority of white people, too...

They think 'diversity' means picking a few chosen elite children of 'other' communities to go manage their populations...

But it's all about grubbing up a hierarchy and taking for yourself.

I don't remember what Clair did to get booted from Parliament. Something to do with lying about radio.

Ayesha's their 'diversity' candiate for politics. An attempt for them to show they aren't racist.

The Sims Character looks like her. Kinda. And they are the only 2 people I know with that name.

It's unfortunate.


Fate. That's how the cognitively defective brain likely sees it.

I am feeling pretty scathing. In my defence they think I'm both criminal and psychiatric. Wow.




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