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Lou's reply-defame Christians allowed Tabitha

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 23, 2016, at 18:01:08

In reply to Re: few there be, posted by Tabitha on February 22, 2016, at 19:16:28

> > I know that psychiatry labels me is being obsessed and have bipolar disorder. But look at this Jesus of Nazareth. [...]
> I don't see how things turned out so well for Jesus.
> > Psychiatry will lead you down a road. And look at those here that have found destruction from following the road of psychiatry. I have come here to lead you to another road, and few there be that find it.
> A close family member found that road. She told me "psychiatrists aren't the answer", then she started going to church. She loved going to church so much that it was the last thing she did right before she killed herself. So you see, I'm probably the very last person you will be able to convince that religion offers a better path than medical care for mental illness.
> But I do hope your obsessions offer you some comfort!

It is allowed by Mr. Hsiung for Tabitha to post,[...your obsessions...].
The obsessions could be thought by a subset of readers to be related to my efforts here to stop Mr. Hsiung from allowing anti-Semitism to be seen as being supportive by him where such posts are originally posted and my efforts to educate readers concerning psychotropic drugs that could cause addiction, life-ruining conditions and death.
I used this Jesus of Nazareth as an example of that people called him names and could be classified by psychiatry as being obsessed. Tabitha's statement,[...I don't see how things turned out so well for Jesus...] degrades and insults those that give service and worship to him. For her statement could be thought by a subset of Christiandom people as that Jesus was stupid and suffered a horrible death for no reason and that His bringing the news to repent for the kingdom of heaven was at hand was an obsession that led to his death.
But the Christiasndom people could see that as an insult or even a perversion of their faith and feel put down. For their scriptures say that,[...It pleased the Lord to bruise Him...].
And to say that things did not turn out so well for Jesus contradicts the foundation of Christianity. For they see His death as the completion of a mission and their scriptures state,[...For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only begotten son...].emphasis mine.
That the Christians include that Jesus was resurrected from the dead contradicts and insults Christianity when anyone says that his death was in vain and things did not turn out so well for Him.
Tabitha's post is allowed to be seen here as being supportive by Mr. Hsiung. It is hatred against the Christians as it insults their faith and can be seen as being validated by Mr. Hsiung as he allows it to be exempt from his enforcement policy. This will in no wise help here to overcome depression or addiction, for hate can cause your death from the drugs being allowed to be promoted here as "medicines".




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