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Lou's response- diadvan 10derheart

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 21, 2015, at 10:23:42

In reply to thx Lou. I will post the URL ed_uk2010, posted by 10derheart on February 19, 2015, at 22:25:19

If you have seen the prohibition to me in the post that I am responding to here, notice that it is one of the prohibitions that prevent me from posting my own repudiation to anti-Semitic propaganda posted here with impunity. The fact that those statements that I am in discussion with Mr. Hsiung for him to post a repudiation to can be seen as supportive here and that in Mr. Hsiung's thinking will be good for this community as a whole, could go on and on because the prohibition to me disadvantages me and allows anti-Semitic hate to be seen here by a psychiatrist and up to 6 deputies that could create IMHO and develop what could be thought to be being validated by them which then could create a community of acceptance for hatred of Jews by creating what could be considered to be socially acceptable here by the fact that what Mr. Hsiung allows is in his thinking what will be good for this community as a whole. This could be spread like a forest fire through the internet that could create a foundation for real-world hate and violence toward Jews.
I would like for you to look at [admin,428781] and to know that I would need to post what is prohibited here to me in order for me to post a repudiation in what I need to post to do so. And as that post and many others stand so they could be thought to be supportive and good in some way that will improve this community, I say to you that as long as anti-Semitic propaganda is allowed here to be seen as supportive, young people reading here could be persuaded and be misled to think that hatred toward the Jews will be good for them, since Mr. Hsiung says that allowing the hate to be seen here as civil, will be good for his community as a whole. Since I can not inform readers as I need to due to the prohibitions, readers could be un informed from my perspective, which comes from a Jewish perspective as the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me that by the prohibition in question prohibits. And it's so easy to persuade the un informed. It's so easy.
In my discussion with ed concerning the scene at the temple, again the prohibition prevents me from showing what iMHO could save lives here by the nature that you could see what has been revealed to me.
Mr. Hsiung promises and wants you to trust him that sometime in the future, by him allowing the antisemitic propaganda here to be seen a supportive, this community will be, I guess, improved. That argument is used by him to justify him doing it. And that argument has been used to justify slavery, infanticide discrimination and genocide. He wants you to trust him even though anti-Semitic hate could be allowed to stand here. The prohibitions to me could also be found in the historical record analogous to this situation that I find myself here, for it is nothing new. It is an old system that can be found in European fascism that was defeated many years ago that is as I see being resurrected here from the dead. And as long as it is allowed, you could become victims of hate, for hate begets hate as psychologist write about. That, my friends, could keep you from being supported, and I'm so sorry , my friends.




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