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Re: what might help

Posted by muffled on September 27, 2010, at 14:31:44

In reply to Re: what might help muffled, posted by twinleaf on September 25, 2010, at 20:03:26

> vwoolf made such a good point - quoting Bob as saying that he had regrets about how things unfolded with the Facebook/Twitter situation. This was an example of a novel situation, with no similar situations in the past to help guide Bob in his decision-making. I feel certain that he acted in good faith throughout that whole process, and may well have been surprised by how negative our reactions were. I think it was terrific that he acknowledges later that he regretted some of his actions. I really respect anyone who does that!

*I respect people who respect others feelings about things...
He has spoken, but has he DONE anything???
Bob has always talked, and that is a fascinating thing in of itself...LOL, but it is his *actions* I am much more interested in.

>Still, there should be a next step: correcting what was wrong. I personally would be happy with a default position which protects our privacy, rather than one which automatically spreads our posts onto the social networks. It is important to me to continue to support this position, because I received two blocks of more than a year for (civilly) objecting to Facebook/Twitter.

*yeah, blocks are yet another "issue" I have with how this place is run. Which is why I left. Why do i come back? Cuz it used to be a good place, so I come to visit is all, I read, but fear posting anything personal. I am ok posting here, but nothing personal anymore. :(

> At the moment, I am just suggesting one action: modifying the default position for Facebook/Twitter (or doing something comparable) . If this could be done, perhaps other issues like the exceedingly harsh and inappropriate blocks which I and others have received for civilly expressing a disagreement, might be reviewed by Bob and the community, with the goal of implementing policies which have, or can be worked on together until they have majority support.

*ahhhhh you are sweet, thats helpful, but not enuf. We have tried to reason w/the admin in the past to no avail. In fact many of us put a great hearfelt effort into it.:(
I used to think my H could change some of his ways, but I have come to realize he either can't or won't. He would lose everything, money, family, rather than change.
Bob refused to change and babble has wilted.
He seems unable to take in what babblers tell him.
He lost all his deputies.
But he doesn't change :(
My H is a nice guy, but is nearly impossible to live with.
Proly Bob is a nice guy, but I can't live with how he runs this site.
Unfortunate, but that seems to be the way it is.
I suppose I hope something will change. Tho I won't fully trust this site even then for a long time to come.
But who knows...
Additionally there has been other issues
for example.
Bobs focus is undoubtedly to flog this site at all costs w/o concern as to whether if affects the quality for posters...I honestly just don't understand him at all.
Good luck....




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