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Re: pulling posts

Posted by Dr. Bob on March 27, 2008, at 22:09:21

In reply to Re: pulling posts Dr. Bob, posted by fayeroe on February 28, 2008, at 12:06:46

> of course people get hurt and you try to reduce that, but I just don't feel that leaving and ECEPTIONALLY hurtful post is worth the educational value....

Hmm, maybe not. It might be a can of worms, what exactly to consider exceptionally hurtful, but we could try. Or maybe we could leave the post, but delete the most hurtful sections of it.

> And in the interests of encouraging 'dealing' with stuff, then why eg(this is just one example) does a poster get blocked, as opposed to PBC'd re: defending another poster? ... how are we to learn to curb ourselves?

That's a good question. If someone is interested in learning to curb themselves, they could ask for help?

> in the case where there has been multiple harmful posts ... it would be nice it the transgression was noticed by you or a dep in the OTHER THREAD(s) affected AS WELL, by posting something like, I dunno, but say "Blocked PosterX" then in the post you could say this poster is already previosly blocked and provide a link.
> Its just that in this way, the hurt poster feels like they have not been ignored or unnoticed etc which can be triggering on a board such as this. The blocked poster would have been(and in fact HAS been) blocked for hurting them ALSO...they are not less important, they count too...
> I hope I have explained this in a logical way. I am not good at explaining things.
> muffled

Thanks for the suggestion! I don't know if it's been mentioned here, but the deputies and I discussed it and agreed that to do that. For example:


> How do other posters support them directly? I see that some people are scared to post and show support as it might compromise their positions here.

I can see how people might be concerned that if they support blocked posters, then we might see them as not supporting us. But direct forms of support, for example, saying you care about them and look forward to their return, are fine. Support is the goal here.

But indirect forms of support, for example, saying I went overboard and should've blocked a different poster instead, might be considered uncivil.

> Lots of people, myself included, can be in a dreadful spot and say something that they ordinarily wouldn't say. Wouldn't it be beneficial (for you and the poster) if a personal inquiry was made, via babblemail, to try to find out what the "heck is going on" with the poster?
> Faye

It could be beneficial if other posters reached out to them, too, and we'd be open to hearing what was going on, but in our administrative roles I think we need to act on what was posted.





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