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Re: Lou's request to Dr. Hsiung and Dinah-~suprt?

Posted by malthus on December 20, 2004, at 21:09:51

In reply to Re: Lou's request to Dr. Hsiung and Dinah-~suprt? malthus, posted by Gabbix2 on December 20, 2004, at 20:23:20

>> Well there are many different ways it could be said but he's not me, so he'll express his feelings in his Lou way, nobody elses, just as I express myself in my Gabbi way. I wouldn't expect otherwise. >>


<<And by saying that he didn't believe "Jesus is lord" to be true, he also included the possibility that people of beliefs other than his own may have been offended by that statement, that is perfectly in sync with the spirit of the Faith board, which is to be supportive of all beliefs.>>

Requesting that a post be deleted is not at all supportive of the person who wrote it and their beliefs (unless it's along the lines of Hermann Munster or Daniella Red, which this post clearly was not.)

> By mentioning that jews don't "believe" or "think" that Jesus is God, he runs the risk of offending someone as well.

What are your thoughts on why the poster asked Lou not to read the post initially?

> Not really, most people who post on Faith are aware that there are religions that don't consider Jesus to be God, however even if it did offend, to not be allowed to say what one's religious beliefs are on a mult-faith board would be ludicrous,>>

I agree wholeheartedly.

<<and this was something meant to be applicable in the context of the Faith board, and the Faith Board guidelines.>>

I disagree.

> P.S. I'm not offended by either position. Are you?
>> Yes I do get offended when people state their belief as being the only truth, However, what goes on on the faith board doesn't really get to me, but to some it's very important.>>

I don't believe that the original poster stated that his/her belief was the only truth.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Dr. Bob will decide to delete the original post.




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