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Re: GRC Newsgroups Dr. Bob

Posted by bluedog on November 9, 2002, at 10:40:54

In reply to Re: GRC Newsgroups, posted by Dr. Bob on November 9, 2002, at 0:40:51

I hope I didn't cause you any offence with my post. I know that you've put a lot of time and effort into psychobabble as it is. I must also say that I am a computer gumby and I personally would not have had the computer skills to start up and run a message board as well as you have.

In reply to your question regarding the file/folder system.

> >And did you see that diagram??? Would you
> >prefer a folder/file system like that?

I have to say that I personally really like that file system and I like the newsreader format in general but I emphasize that is just my opinion.

I agree with your all your points but I think there are subtle differences between the newsreader system and a web based system. The reasons I like the newsreader system are as follows.

1. My impression is that the download and display times are faster in a newsreader than in a web based message board.

2. In the newsreader format you only need have the heading of the first post in a thread visible leaving more space on the screen to display the threads you are interested in.

3. You can have multiple posts opened in separate windows and displayed on the screen side by side at the same time and with ease in reduced size windows.

4. You can swap between different newsgroups (eg between PB and PSB) without having to scroll to the top or bottom of the screen. You can set up your newsreader to display the different groups in a separate column down the side (in the same column you can also have links directly to your email items like inbox, sent items etc)

5. But I think the real strength of the newsreader system is the way that you compose and send new posts. It is very much like composing emails and you can use the whole screen
to view the post that you are composing. You can also very easily reduce the size of the window in which you are composing a new post and then open and review other post in the thread and display all these posts plus the post you are composing side by side

I don't know if you can easily do all of the above on PB but please correct me if I am wrong. Like I said above I am not in any way criticising the current system but I am only adding to the discussion started by lostsailor and stating what I believe to be differences between the current system and a newreader based system.

One thing with the GRC newsgroups ( see > )is that you have the CHOICE between accessing the discussions either through the web based system OR through the newsreader system. If this were to be the case those that prefer to continue using the current system can, but for those that like the newsreader system they would also be happy.

I hope that my above points make sense. However if they don't maybe you could start a trial account on the GRC newsgroups to experiment and maybe my points will make more sense (or not) in this way rather than me clumsily trying to explain what I mean.

This is my humble opinion on this matter.

Thanks Dr Bob




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