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Re: Consider the source. Goodbye. gman22

Posted by SLS on December 18, 2022, at 23:24:57

In reply to Re: Consider the source. Goodbye., posted by gman22 on December 18, 2022, at 19:09:06

> SLS your advice and expertise here is priceless. I've anonymously read your post for over 15 years, maybe 20. I have taken your advice and asked my doctors for treatments bases upon your knowledge shared here. It may have well saved my life.
> Please stay here, and if not send me your contact info.
> Tim


Your words warm my heart.

Thank you.

Perhaps I'll do the work to gather and condense the various posts of mine that I've put up during the last few weeks. They contain what I think are worthy pearls of wisdom that I learned from the first two generations of psychopharmacologists. The wisdom isn't mine. It belongs to the doctors and researchers who I encountered over the last 40 years. Well, some of them are mine. I like to make sure that my ego gets stroked from time to time. My fiance does a great job of it. I'm getting spoiled. The important stuff is scattered among multiple posts. I never thought I would go this far in posting what I consider to be material that is way past due to be made available on Psycho-Babble.

People who have ceased posting are either communicating through Babblemail to boycott Psycho-Babble, or they are too stunned to know what to say. Either scenario makes sense, but I would much rather know that everyone has been out doing their Christmas shopping.

Bizarre. Really bizarre.

I cannot guarantee that any of my suggestions will bring anyone remission from their mood disorder. However, I can guarantee that jumping around between antidepressants every other week while imbibing herbs won't.

The people who refuse to continue posting are the ones who are in most need of reading about the clinical practice of real psychopharmacology - the stuff that changes lives.

Most people who get well while posting on Psycho-Babble disappear. They have fresh, new lives to lead - fun and rewarding. I know. People here don't. That's why I came back while being fortunate enough to attain remission, for however long that lasts, and challenge people to research ways to get well - the practice of clinical psychiatry - rather than spend all of their time researching the minutia of brain biology. Look at the success rate of the people who play with drugs as if they know how to use them. They don't. This is most obvious in the case of the most intellectually gifted individual on the board (not me) and his now using Effexor intermittently as a PRN; a practice that is at best palliative and at worst reinforcing treatment refractoriness. He may know more than the clinicians he sees about protein kinase-C, but he doesn't know how to run a simple drug trial on himself that has any chance of producing a genuine antidepressant response. I don't know that I have ever seen him stick with a drug for the minimum 2-4 weeks. Maybe he has. I can't know everything he does and doesn't do. I know only what he writes. Would you stop taking a drug that gave you a 75% improvement. I wouldn't. He did.

Enough said.

I hope this person reads this because he is the person I really want to see get well, despite our history of mutual antagonism.


Sorry to burden you with all of that.

Maybe we can attract people willing to think like patients instead of doctors.

Harsh stuff.

I decided that I don't have the time to coddle the stubborn ones for a year in order to get them to follow clinical advice rather than act on personal theories.

I just don't.

I will be posting a revision of my "Consider the Source" post. It grew long and turned out to be more of a narrative essay. Since I now have access to memories of my treatment history, and a recovery of critical thinking that had been buried for by depression since age 17. I had to wait 43 years to see it unearthed at age 60 when I began to respond to a new treatment regime. Despite this, my proofreading really sucks. The first version contained embarrassing errors.

Tim - Get well and stay well.

I remain indignant.

- Scott

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.




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