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Re: combining nardil and parnate ) SLS

Posted by SLS on April 7, 2022, at 8:07:45

In reply to Re: combining nardil and parnate ) SLS SLS, posted by rose45 on April 6, 2022, at 14:31:58

Hi, Rose.

> Scott, i was on nardil for 22 years , that is a long time.
> The dose would be slowly increased to 60 mg, and once I felt better it would be brought down to 45 mg which was my maintenance dose.

How could 45 mg/day of Nardil be your maintenance dosage if you relapsed on a regular basis and then had to raise it to 60 mg/day to "recapture" your antidepressant response? I would strongly recommend that you remain at 60 mg/day next time.

Regarding lithium at low dosages (150-450 mg/day), why would you resist such a simple and innocuous treatment?

> I always take low doses of meds. On parnate it was 30 mg.And I simply cannot tolerate higher than 40 mg.

> I think its important to remember that we are all different.

Yeah. Go back and reread everything I have posted to you. I made that quite clear several times.

Discovering what drugs do what for you is still an empirical endeavor. You can either try what worked before or try other things. If you are suicidal, and you tolerated 60 mg/day of Nardil, I think your best choice for the moment is clear.

What other treatments do you have lined up to try next?

You have been very somewhat resistant to everything I wrote, so I'm sure this post is going to piss you off. If it does, then wait until you are no longer pissed off at me, and then go back and read all of my posts to you. You may have been on Nardil for 22 years, but I have been on and off of it for 40 years (1982), and treated by one of the most expert teams using Nardil. In fact, the syndrome known as "atypical depression" was coined there, and Nardil had shown itself to be the best drug to combat that syndrome and also anxiety disorders. I picked a lot of brains, most of which have authored articles in the medical literature for years. Maybe that's worth something. Maybe it's not. That is for you to decide.

My recommendation is that if you are so depressed, anxious, and suicidal, just go back to Nardil and remain on it at 60 mg/day indefinitely. You were so close. And yes, Zyprexa can give one hell of a boost to Nardil, but my guess is that it is usually temporary. I would look at asenapine or lumateperone if you are looking at "antipsychotics" as augmenters.

What are the obstacles that prevent you from returning to Nardil?

As I mentioned in a previous post to you, a strategy used in the past to remedy a relapse on Nardil after years of remission is to stop taking it for three months, and then restarting it. Just a little brain picking...

Good luck.

- Scott

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