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Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how Phillipa

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2021, at 16:35:07

In reply to Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on June 8, 2021, at 8:43:46

> Isn't that what DIC is where the body bleeds out? Oh the NY Yankees never heard a word about them again. Don't think any of them developed Covid. Phillipa

disseminated intravascular coagulation? that would be wide-spread (disseminated) clotting (coagulation) inside the blood vessels (intravascular). if the platelets are all used up in forming clots inside the blood vessels then the person might be bleeding out of the vessels because there aren't platelets attending to the walls. That would explain the rash they were seeing. pin-point bleeds or slightly larger regions... Apparently there is a particular size of red splotch commonly associated with DIC. yeah.

aspirin helps prevent the clots by preventing the platelets agglutinating or sticking together. in some of the platelets, I suppose.

but this seems to be a different thing from the heparin-(like) or immune thrombocytopenia where the problem isn't platelets agglutinating in the blood but platelets being removed by the macrophage of the spleen.

there was something about clotting first and then bleeding. so I was wondering about the nature of the clots. whether the clots were intravascular and agglutinations of antibody platelet complexes... whether these two phenomenon were part of the same thing / same process.


it could be that people who are having a good strong healthy wanted immune response post-vaccination have positive (or, they like to say 'weakly positive') Covid tests. sometimes they say that a test result is consistent with a historical exposure. it might be that the Covid Tests are able to tell who has been immunised / developed antibodies. There a test for... Maybe Chicken Pox? They can detect antibodies which is consistent with either vaccination or prior exposure and immunity.

It might be that the spike protein that is produced by the vaccine is detectable as a weak positive. I am not sure. I don't know what the detection tests are detecting when they give a positive result. Likely different tests are responding to different things.


In NZ GP's seem to have been left out of our Covid Response. That is to say, after the hoarding debarcle that we had last year with the roll out of the influenza vaccine (the debacle that we have every year with vaccine) not getting to the people.... Them being hoarded by GPs and not given to vulnerable people and those same doses being sold for $50 to people who could afford to pay that cost...

It looks like the GP's aren't going to be part of our vaccination roll-out. They aren't going to be trusting them with that.

I saw something today about some GP being concerned about GP's posting 'anti-vaccination' information. You have to be careful about that. It's like how you call someone 'racist' and then that's somehow a licence to... I don't know... Ruin them. Shut down whatever they were saying and ruin them. If you don't like what someone is saying and you don't have any intelligent way of engaging then you call people names like 'racist' or 'anti-vaccer'.

Anyway.... There was this GP in the news saying that it was 'anti-vaccer', apparently, to ask whether vaccination can cause the disease or whether vaccination can alter your DNA. He reckoned the appropriate answer to these questions was the short answer of 'the vaccines are safe and effective' or similar. That is to say... To sort of side-step the question.


My Mother has said to me, at various points things that I don't agree with (but I remember that she believes them and I try and respect other people's beliefs). For example, she says that it doesn't really matter what you do to kids because they don't remember. When I was a kid she would be very dismissive of my emotional upset or whatever and I remember she would express to people that it didn't matter because I wouldn't remember. I know it is her own stuff... That likely that's what people have said to her, or whatever. I have tried to counter this at times... Saying that I do remember this, that, and the other. And then she will say 'oh, did I say that? I don't remember.'

Once she said that if she was ever in an old folks home with dementia and in the position where there was some reality thing that upset her (someone had died or whatever) if she forgot... She would want to be humoured. Lied to. 'Oh yeah, that person called this morning and they will visit you tomorrow'. To comfort her. Console her. Rather than hearing the person died and didn't she remember?

I mean to say my Mother doesn't see any harm in a strategy that... To me.. To me, mind (not to her) feels like 'there there Dear don't you worry your pretty little head about that'. That is to say... I do not take well to people thinking that they have any kind of right or know better than me what is good for me to know. Making decisions on my behalf and so on.

But I understand that other people feel differently.

My Mother went in for a bone marrow biopsy. She says they gave her gas and she went to sleep and when she woke up she felt fine. No pain. And I said... Suggested... That maybe they didn't really give her a bone marrow biopsy because that procedure is typically thought to be very very painful. They don't give people in the US gas to put them to sleep when they are getting the procedure done (not sure why, honestly) but people say it's painful. And you'd expect it to be painful for the next few days... And she said something about 'well, I suppose they did it. I didn't actually ask'.

She doesn't want to know. She likes the human contact. She likes it to be comforting. There there. Feel better.

I am more accepting and tolerating of that position when I feel (actually, when I have good reason to believe) that my preference is accepted and respected and I'm not being lied to and things aren't being dumbed down etc by... People who are... Usually... Pretty f*ck*ng stupid. Making pretty f*ck*ng stupid decisions about what is best for me (helping you helping you helping me help myself to you...'


I don't think it is acceptable to give people the short answer and be like 'and that's an end to it'. I think it is fair to say 'this is the short answer... But there is a longer answer if you want to know more'.

The trouble is that our GPs aren't very well educated themselves. The tank tank decided to take the low road and GPs are only equipped to go 'there there there are no tests and no treatments and no medications there there there there there there there feel better there is no actual medical anything at all for the likes of you.'

The vaccine that NZ is getting is not one that can alter DNA.

But the NZ government wavered the manufacturers liability. Likely because the manufacturer refused to provide liability for unauthorised storage and administration and so on. And all bets are off when it isn't stored or administered in accordance with procedures demonstrated to be safe. And this is something that the NZ government refuses to comprehend with it's very tiny brain... And so there we are.

I don't really understand why the GPs say they are respected in their communities, here, in NZ. I think they are mistaking respect for something different entirely...

They don't seem to get that, either.




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