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New Treatment Potential

Posted by bleauberry on October 17, 2019, at 17:08:28

Disulfiram is a new treatment for Lyme. While the number of patients who have tried it is low, it was discovered by patients, not by researchers, not by doctors. And the success rate is nearly 100% within 3 months.

Treatment resistant psychiatric symptoms are hallmark in Lyme and similar Lyme-like infections. There are at least a dozen common stealth unsuspected unprovable untestable infections. The problem is that we have no way to accurately diagnose any of these infections, and we certainly have no way of pinpointing what in the physiological body is causing the impact on the brain's mood center. Because it involves the whole body, not just isolated parts of it.

If we can somehow beat a hidden lyme thing easily and cheaply, we could potentially end our psychiatric journey at the same time. As Lyme patients recover, psychiatric symptoms abate. It is that simple.

So we have no choice but to do it indirectly or experimentally. My 20 years of treatment resistant major depression gradually disappeared during 3 years of consistent antibiotic treatment by doctors with a great deal of extracurricular training on the topic.

Disulfiram does all that in just 3 months all by itself.

A patient could blindly treat their symptoms with Disulfiram, assuming that their unexplained treatment resistance is somehow related to a lyme or lyme-like thing that nobody will ever be able to prove. Risk is low, cost is cheap, and potential benefit is exceedingly high.

According to the four doctors in 3 states that worked with me, 9 out of 10 of you have lyme or lyme-like at the heart of your mood disorders. Clinical studies suggest that ratio is closer to 3 out of 10 of you. Either way, that's millions of psychiatric patients being mistreated!!! And the likelihood of you being one of them is pretty good.

I am one of the patients that got well on antibiotics, and I stay well on them, but I relapse without them. Disulfiram has permanently cured people who fit my description. With astounding results. Nothing else in conventional or alternative medicine offers the same potential.

I start Disulfiram pretty soon, with the goal of dropping antibiotics and being well without them.

There are millions of us. Lyme causes psychiatric symptoms resistant to treatment. Nobody suspects it. Doctors are not trained on it. It has nothing to do with serotonin reuptake or dopamine receptors or any of that. Remove the infection and the symptoms clear up. Disulfiram is an amazing new tool in that arena. I am sharing that for anyone out there with an open mind looking for a new option.

Disulfiram reportedly caused harsh Herxheimer reactions in patients, indicating strong action against Spirochete bacteria. It is also effective against many of the co-infections such as Babesia. It is suspected it is not that effective on Bartonella. A strong Herx is maybe the bests diagnostic tool. You try an herb, antibiotic, Disulfiram for Lyme, and in a few days you feel like absolute crap, worse than you were, that's a Herx. It's also positively diagnostic for a chronic unsuspected stealth infection, most likely Lyme.

One could thus use Disulfiram as a simple, cheap, relative safe way to test oneself for unknown infections underlying their psychiatric symptoms. Do it with a doctor. At least one patient had a Herx so strong they spent a week in a psych ward on antipsychotics for paranoia - that same patient 12 weeks later was totally cured! They stayed the course on purpose and voluntarily admitted themselves in order to stay on the treatment. They got totally better in short time.

As I share with you bizarre profound things you've never heard, and maybe you have a hard time accepting, I get that. Totally get it. Been there, done that. It's normal and ok to be skeptical, especially after so many other promising things let us down.

A friend of mine is a Radiologist. He said Medical School taught him nothing useful for his field of study. He says everything he learned was in Residency and extracurricular training. I've had the fortune of being treated by 4 amazing doctors and 2 nurse practitioners, in 3 different States, who engaged in significant extracurricular training outside of school on both Lyme and psychiatry and functional medicine. If your doctor does not have an open mind, refuses to read books or attend seminars for extracurricular training, then that is the first place to start in your treatment resistant journey - either get them on board with new approaches or find someone who already is.

The best book to give your doctor to study is "Why Can't I Get Better", Horowitz M.D. Burrascanno M.D. also has priceless information for you and me and our doctors. Online you can find their multiple choice questionaires to help guide your diagnosis. They are amazing tools.

My journey has taught me without any doubt that Lyme and psychiatry are 90% the same thing. You can treat lyme to cure psychiatry, but you cannot treat psychiatry to cure lyme. So you gotta find out what is actually going on. Disufiram potentially makes that easy.

Just sharing new tools.

Do not try anything I discuss on your own. You can be the boss if you want, but you need a good clinician to help you with decisions and monitoring.




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