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Relapse Update - MOLD

Posted by bleauberry on January 29, 2019, at 10:19:20

Mold in your home causes psychiatric symptoms. Did you know that? I just tested very high for mold. Mold results further below...

Most people detox daily mold normally. But 25% of us don't. We tend to accumulate the toxins over the years. The toxins are bad for your brain, immune system, hormones, and intestines. Mood.

So everyone here knows I've battled with treatment resistant depression for decades and that I finally found remission from it by treating it as if it was Lyme instead. But I keep relapsing. And each relapse is worse than the one before it.

When I relapse my symptoms are like yours. Depression - feeling worthless, despair, isolated, dark, hopeless. Anxiety and panic attacks - sort of like whole-body shudders, tremors, chattering, with lightening bolts going through the heart, heart palpitations, almost close to maybe a depressive schizophrenic Parkinson's thing. Very terrifying.

I have never been so terrified in my life.

So I'm back on antibiotics, this time specifically for Bartonelliosis, not generalized Lyme. Bartonella is a common confection of lyme. It can also come from cat scratches, cat bites, and fleas. It is notorious for messing with the brain and producing treatment resistant psychiatric symptoms. The quickest way to beat this kind of depression is with a combo of Minocycline+Rifampin or Doxycycline+Rifampin. And whatever psychiatric meds for immediate acute relief - benzodiazapine, antihistamines, for example.

My doc suspects mold when treatment is rocky. So I peed in a cup and here are the results:

My mold results. (in ng/g creatinine)
Ochratoxin A (Scored 35.08m on a scale that ranges from 4 to 20, with under 4 being good, anything higher is bad)
Sterigmatocystin (under 2 is good, 2 to 175 is bad, I scored 200)
Mycophenolic Acid (Under 5 is good, 5 to 50 is bad, I scored 563.72.)
That's literally 1000% too high.

I think without the strategic supplements I take I would be dead. Because many of them are anti-fungal, anti-inflammation, anti-toxicity, anti-oxidation, etc. I think they have protected me - somewhat - from the worst damage. Time will tell.

So mold exposure like this, or less, can set off in your body a condition called CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.
Obviously you can see how that would easily cause profound treatment resistant psychiatric symptoms. We become sensitive to all sorts of things giving us inflammation of the brain.

How many of us are like this and don't know it? (there are genetic tests to specifically identify if you are like that or not)

I've been screaming Lyme for a long time to anyone who will listen. So today I am adding a new wrinkle to that. I'm adding mold.

Ritalin can help on down days. Benzos can help on "racing" days. I personally do not think chronic usage of either is a good idea, that it makes much more sense to tackle the actual underlying issues. Antipsychotics can be helpful. I would avoid SSRIs which are more trouble than not for most people. And chronically ill people just do not have a good prognosis or outcome with them. As you have seen.

Probably the most helpful thing so far has been the addition of activated charcoal capsules on empty stomach, twice a day, and bentonite clay once a day. These absorb mold toxins in the gut and the bile. And that tends to draw more out of the body.

I was prescribed Sprononox for mold.

I am almost thinking it might not be a bad idea for treatment resistant depression patients to try activated charcoal capsules for a couple weeks just to see what happens. That's because there is no risk, huge potential benefits, and it is very cheap at the grocery store or natural food store. If you feel a hint of feeling better with it, then that is a very powerful clue for the rest of your journey.

How old is your house? How long have you lived there? Have you ever seen mold in it? Anywhere? Has there ever been water damage? Do other people in the same dwelling have any health issues? Have you ever smelled mold or mildew in your place?

Decent questions if you are a chronic psychiatric patient. I always poo-poo'd the idea of mold being dangerous. I heard stories of "sick houses" from black mold. And I shrugged them off. There are toxic molds besides black and they come in all colors and shapes.

They used to suggest bright lights for depression, remember that? Which were basically just blue-spectrum floursescent bulbs. I think the following two suggestions make a lot more sense:
1.Activated charcoal capsules, Bentonite clay
2.HEPA air purifier for your living space.

Always thinking of ways to improve on the psychiatric prescriptions you are taking. There is always other stuff you can do to get improved results.




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