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Re: Not Obsolete: Continuing Roles for TCAs and MAOIs

Posted by bleauberry on January 14, 2019, at 8:06:53

In reply to Not Obsolete: Continuing Roles for TCAs and MAOIs, posted by Hordak on January 12, 2019, at 21:30:21

I've been deeply involved in the research and practice of psychiatry, from a conventional angle, from an alternative angle, from a patient's angle, a scientific angle and an anecdotal angle, all together, for about a quarter of a century. There is so much mystery. But I have concluded with everything I have seen that our medical community has it backwards.

What we view as alternative medicines - Rhodiola Rosea, Lemon Balm, Curcumin, Passion flower, the adaptogens, St Johns Wort, etc etc - these should be first line treatments.

Second line treatments should be Parnate, Nardil, Ritalin, Adderall, Modafinil.

Third line T.C.A.s.

Last in line SSRIs combined with any of the above except Parnate/Nardil, but never SSRI mono therapy.

Antidepressants in general - in my opinion - should all be obsolete because I believe they miss the target almost completely. Some of them have some strong anti-histamine, which is good, for stealth infections, for reducing systemic inflammation, and some of them tweak genetics in a favorable way totally separate from their psychiatric role. But I think they generally miss the target.

I feel that way because my journey has taught me that the vast majority of psychiatric symptoms out there in the world are caused by a combination of unsuspected unseen systemic inflammation, brain inflammation, stealth microbial infection, and the toxic build-up as a result of those. They all send cytokines into orbit, which is very bad for health in general but especially the brain's mood center.

Anti-cytokines is the best therapy for psychiatric symptoms I am aware of. Most antidepressants don't do anything about that.

I am in the camp that believes psychiatric medicines are very valuable and essential for acute treatments of symptoms, but not as valuable for medium or longterm treatments - simply because they never get to the actual cause of the problems, they only mask the problems.

Infection, inflammation and toxicity. That's where our symptoms come from. IMO Whatever class of antidepressants, they really aren't al that different in terms of scientific benefit, not all that impressive in clinical trials either, but good for short term management of a wide variety of issues.

If someone just wants antidepressants, then I think the medical community has it backwards. Start with MAOIs and go to SSRIS as the last resort. They shy away from MAOIs because of diet safety - and in the meantime however many people would have had a crisis from that, I propose is way lower than the number of people who committed suicide from failed meds or who lost 10 or 20 years out of their life, or maybe their whole life, from messing around with all sorts of SSRI combinations. Maximum benefit = MAOIs or stimulants. Least benefit = SSRIs. Inbetween are the TCAs.

Alternatives are better than all of them because they can actually address the causes, not just the symptoms.




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