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Re: going off of Abilify Noa

Posted by bleauberry on June 11, 2018, at 12:34:35

In reply to Re: going off of Abilify bleauberry, posted by Noa on June 3, 2018, at 19:05:26

> Thank you so much for your suggestions.

You're welcome! Thank you.

> I don't know yet what I would like to do instead of the Abilify. I haven't raised the issue yet with my psychopharm (nurse practitioner). I'm feeling so hesitant about making a change just yet.

It is a big decision. I think we all stand a better shot at true healing when we are off psych meds not on them. But if we need short term assistance, that is what they are for. If they are not providing short term assistance, or if they are not making a big difference in the longterm, then what's the sense?

> How nice it would be to find out there was something specific and identifiable that causes my depression. It's been with me so long, I doubt anyone could sort that out anyway. So I will go on with some form of med cocktail probably for the rest of my life.

Well there actually are some ways to identify what the problem is. But that itself is a problem because our medical professionals are not taught to think that way. They don't compute that way. Their primary goal is to develop a relationship with you, to gain trust, and to not rock the boat. Their main job is not healing. It is the relationship. That is where medicine goes wrong.

Here is an example. Let's say a family doctor or psych doc wants to check the thyroid. And he finds there is a problem. At that point he says your depression is because your thyroid is messed up and we need to fix the thyroid. Well, that is a flawed way to look at it, if you ask me. That's because he didn't take it far enough, he skipped the next logical step. And that is, what messed up the thyroid? It didn't just decide to do it for grins. Something made it happen.

Lyme does that. An LLMD probably would have done prescriptions to support the thyroid, maybe some herbal support too, but they would have also started antibiotics and/or herbs to address the actual underlying problem which wasn't they thyroid.

Make sense?

So if you scan my posts going back a few months, you will see that in my opinion that primary cause of depression - especially when it is not responding well to treatment - is tick born disease. Call it Lyme, call it whatever.

I did not arrive at this revelation on my own. It was shown to me by two different doctors who both played a role in bringing me back from treatment resistant suicidal depression that had failed all drugs and ECT. Those doctors are LLMD's (Lyme Literate M.D.s). Specially trained experts. Every state has a few of them. You would do well to hunt for one in your area. They can take you way further in your journey than psychiatrists can, that is for sure.

So both of them told me something that was so profound that it freaks everybody here out. Freaks them out. But it's true. I've seen it with my own eyes. So here goes. They said that 9 out 10 new patients they get come poorly managed from other doctors - often psychiatrists - and nearly all of them are already on psychiatric medications. But by the time they are done with LLMD treatment, they are either doing well off of meds or doing well at much lower doses. 9 out 10 turn out that way. I was one of them.

yep. I was one of them.

It is my opinion that between 6 and 9 of every 10 people right here at babble would actually do very well with an LLMD relative to their current psychiatrist. That's because whether a patient actually has Lyme or not doesn't matter - the methods these doctors employ work. They just work. Period. Patients with mood issues who see an LLMD are going to have greatly improved mood issues - and remission - compared to treatment from any other class of doctors or specialists.

That is my experience, my opinion. And I hope it sheds new light on your own journey.




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