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Re: Prozac + ? = Good » Ruuudy

Posted by beckett2 on December 30, 2017, at 20:12:53

In reply to Re: Prozac + ? = Good, posted by Ruuudy on December 28, 2017, at 11:24:33

> > hi. wellbutrin, provigil, nuvigil. stimulants (ritalin, focalin, the various amphetamines) can also be used, and there's some indication that stimulants help -some- people with ocd.
> >
> > remeron is sometimes used w/ ongoing antidepressant treatment. lower doses are more sedating (and can cause more weight gain). my undestanding is that the higher doses are more effective, less sedating, and cause less weight gain.
> >
> > now and then, mirapex is used in mood disorders. helps low end in bipolar disorder, sometimes helps "negative symptoms" in chronic schizophrenia. does something to dopamine receptors, so I guess it'd be a non-euphoric stimulant, also.
> >
> > have you tried any other benzodiazepines? Klonopin -is- effective, but its more likely than many other benzodiazepines to dampen mood, even cause straight up depression. xanax is now regarded with some suspicion, -but- its been used to boost antidepressants and in higher doses as treatment for some forms of depression. there's a xanax xr or er (I forget..) that's supposed to give all day coverage with 1 pill, which should keep dosage escalation and interdose anxiety to a minimum. of course, depending on your dose, there's also good ole Valium, which also has more pronounced muscle relaxant properties and is more sedating (at equivalent doses) than xanax, klonopin, or ativan.
> >
> > low dose zyprexa has been studied w/ prozac. the combination is called "symbyax," and there's a generic now. its definitely not stimulating, but it does help w/ ocd for some people, anxiety, agitation, and can lift severe depression (For some people..).
> >
> > these days, I would imagine that a low(ish) dose of Abilify might also be on the table. it can be somewhat stimulating, far fewer metabolic problems than zyprexa. over the long haul, no one seems to have a good idea of the td risk for abilify, so...there's that, unfortunately. in animal studies, aripiprazole doesn't cause as much D2 upregulation and other brain changes one sees with tranquilizers, so that's potentially a good sign. if your doctor opts for abilify, remember that prozac messes with the metabolism of abilify, so some prescribers go for 1/2 the usual abilify dose, something like that.
> >
> > OK. oh, one final option...deplin. insurance coverage can be tricky for it, because its considered a "Medical food," not a drug, or something like that, -can- boost antidepressants, without adding another drug to the line up.
> >
> > hope this helps. good luck to you.
> Thank you so much for that in-depth discussion!
> 2017 has been a year of lots of exploration.
> I had phone consultations with a highly-regarded psychiatrist,,, one of those astute doctors that performs & writes all these publications on various drug trials. I sent him my DNA samples via the Genomind test. Discovered I have the MTHFR mutation, so I did try the Deplin for probably 12 weeks - nothing!
> Other blood work suggested I needed to add Vitamin D to my daily regime.
> Fluoxetine 20mg40mg qam
> Clonazepam 0.5mg .5mg or 1mg prn
> Folate 5,000 Plus 10mg qam
> Vitamin D3 VESIsorb® 2,000IU 1 cap qam
> DL-Phenylalanine tid
> NAC 900mg tid
> Magnesium (glycinate) tid
> Renew Life Extra Care Probiotic, Ultimate Flora, 150 Billion 1 cap qam
> Pure Encapsulations NeuroMood Multi-Pak
> I'm going to request some bloodwork in the new year to get a measure on various levels.
> I can't tell you I'm really feeling any better mentally having been taking these supplements for the past year.
> I just know they're allot of pills to take everyday!!!
> I AM getting worried the scientific community is going to start release negative reports on the long-term use of SSRI's, specifically fluoxetine!
> And I think you're right on the Klonopin possibly causing depression. I've been taking it for a couple of years now and I think it might have lost its zing. So, I try to take holidays from taking it.
> Thanks for the conversation!
> Rudy

Hi Rudy, wishing you a happy new year. I'm sorry about the loss of your father and the difficult past two years. I imagine your coping skills must be really good, keeping yourself above water through this.Vit D helps me and could be really helpful for you. How great you were able to consult with what sounds like a psychopharmacologist. I've added some armodafinil, and that's helped with apathy. No cure, though.




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