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Re: pharmacy bothering me about aherance

Posted by B2chica on December 14, 2017, at 10:30:28

In reply to pharmacy bothering me about aherance, posted by linkadge on December 9, 2017, at 11:09:42

Sorry Linkage, maybe i have some pent up frustration or something, but i'm gonna go off on this.

What the h#ll!!
So i understand that maybe the pharmacy folks think they are helping with reminding of med pickup, and of mentioning if there is cheaper... but weather or not you are taking meds is not their call....PERIOD. If they want that capability and responsibility then they should go on to Med School.
A Pharmacist or pharmacy tech's profession is that of the mechanics of chemicals and human interactions of those chemicals/blends. The other is to fill prescriptions as requested by physician AND to answer any questions the client may have regarding said chemicals.

BEYOND that, if they know you AND they are aware that you do not have insurance and that cost IS an issue for you than their next job would be to mention any discounts they come by, OR cheaper medication options.

OTHER THAN THAT...... THEY ARE DONE, they may not agree with it, OR like it, OR think it's right or ok...but sorry pharmacy people, ALL of that is opinion only. They do not have the qualifications nor the professional ability to discuss that with you EVEN if they were an M.D., UNLESS YOU are their patient, they STILL are not to discuss that with you.
though they may have more leeway to do so.

(Deep Breath)...OK.
sorry to go off. but i am so fed up with so many people that are NOT in the field of psychiatry telling 'us' what we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be doing. There are several meds that had i kept taking them, it could have killed me. But i went with my instincts and stopped (while contacting my pdoc) *notice i said i called my pdoc NOT my pharmacist! grrrrr.

Further more, i actually have a very good doc, that i have been seeing off and on for 14 years. he knows me, and there is one med that he actually makes for 3 a day rather than 2. #1 it gives me the ability to take 3 if i do need it (for anxiety), but also it makes my rx last a little longer! So with that med i dont take it as the pharmacist would think, but both my pdoc and myself are on the same page and it works for me.

So if i would have a harassing pharmacist say that, than i would say as I appreciate your concern and please let me know as soon as you can sell this to me at $5 for a month supply, i would greatly appreciate your help with costs.

I am really sorry you have to deal with this EVERY friggin time you have to pick up meds. Because that is unequivocally harassment.
and in case there is any question
They have NO legalobligation OR medical background to discuss your frequency of medications with you. PERIOD!!

Here's sending you gentle caring(and my strong mama bear) vibes your way.


> So, I don't have insurance, and I don't always pick up my medications on a regular basis.
> However, every time I pick up a medication 'late' the pharmacy heckles me about not taking the medication regularly.
> I explained to them (& they know already) that I don't have insurance and so I need to prioritize certain purchases.
> They respond by saying "oh, this one is cheap...yadi yada".
> I can understand if I was taking more than I should, but if I am taking less, why can't they just mind their own business?
> If the medication doesn't work properly, then that's my business.
> Thoughts?
> Linkadge

"What is madness, but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance.
The day is on Fire, and i know the purity of pure despair."
Theodore Roethke




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