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Posted by MightyKondrian on September 15, 2017, at 20:58:49

Throbbing headache....

I switched back to phenelzine early December last year so its been nearly 9 months. The last 5 I've been on 120mg. Was expecting some of that old 'sparkle' I had from it the 1st time round. No such luck.

I've done something very stupid the last few days. I got fed up. I found, on eBay someone selling PEA (phenylethylamine. Chocolate and ice cream contain high amounts. But by itself it actually has no effect on humans unless MAO-B is inhibited, otherwise MAO destroys it instantly.)

10 350mg pills and it was so cheap I thought what the hell. Was the real deal too. But OUCH! one pill gave me throbbing headache (as I should have expected). So down went 1g paracetamol + 400mg ibuprofen. I actually ended up taking the painkillers 'before' the PEA so as to avoid the headache. Thankfully, despite meddling with death I'm still here.
This morning I emptied the caps onto the floor (needed a vacuum anyway).

Now I eat A LOT of yogurt. Never had a single problem. But yesterday I noticed some new stuff. It was yogurt but from a different country I think and had a very thick texture. Well this eve I ate the whole 450g pot (like I always do, makes a whole meal! lol)! Hour passed then BANG throbbing headache. Definitely from the yogurt, I've had a few food headaches so I know what they feel like.

So this dose of 120mg phenelzine aint lived up to expectations. Possibly causing more harm than good. So starting tomorrow morning I'm dropping back down to 90mg. Also, despite bethanechol helping me pee, the anorgasmia is still solidly there. 9 months of it! I'm expecting some feeling and ability to return in the next week or so. Its been 9 months!!!

So there you have it. A short warning to anyone tempted to play 'tricks' with an MAOI.
Also just be careful when eating something new, even if you are fine eating your usual product.

Oh, I've gone Vegetarian too! Can still eat fish and dairy produce but I'm cramming my meals with greens and egg or fish and its actually quite tasty! lol

Some people have actually had success by lowering doses.

Any comments good or bad are welcome.

Mighty Idiot

Meds:Phenelzine 90mg,Amitriptyline 100mg,Clonazepam 4mg,Bupropion 450mg,Aripiprazole 5mg,Acamprosate 2,000mg
Noots:Ginkgo,Oxiracetam,Citicoline,Omega 3+6,ALCAR,PS




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