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Daily Panic Attacks, lyrica, valdoxan ,mirtazapine

Posted by thefan on December 7, 2016, at 18:48:43


I have panic disorder, i have had this for more then 12 years already, and i have been on lyrica for the most part of it, maybe 8 years, on a rather high dose of 750mg (150mg above max).

First when i started i was only on remeron.

Remeron was the "wonder" drug for me, which caused most of the anxious feeling go away, and worked very well in the beginning (the tiredness is what helped me), but when the "activation" part outweighted the tiredness, it failed me, and im only using 7,5mg for sleep as it is.

Azona was in the same category basicly, i mean it helped me in the beginning, with a very small dose, but it was discontinued after i stopped using clonazepam 4 years ago.

After i stopped clonazepam, i continued using lyrica, and mirtazapine , and they added valdoxan into the mix, and things have been pretty stable for the past about 4 years, but now my anxiety , and panic attacks are again trough the roof.

These minor tranquilizers like clonazepam, do not work for me at all. I mean they kind of work for a couple of days, but then no matter how much i consume i get no help from them, just awful withdrawals, i mean it took me maybe 2 months to get that poison out of me or more, with tiny tiny lowering in doses each day.

The recent feelings of doom, almost feel the same as clonazepam withdrawals felt for me, but i am kind of in the same time thinking that i dont think it is lyrica related, though it could be, but i have been using it for so many years with no issues. I mean i still kind of feel it would calm me, but i get these panic attacks nevertheless.

I have been trying all kind of ssri medications in the past, and one of them was cipramil , also tried buspar, and i think zoloft.

I have come here seeking for advice, since most of you guys know the meds so to speak, on what i could try next, and if there is some kind of hope i could find peace. The lyrica is not making the panic attacks go away , but its just helping me a bit , so that they will not go to an unbearable level, atleast that is what i think. As for me, as always when i get panic attacks, they occur several times a day, maybe around 3-5 attacks a day if not more, and can last a very long time. I think i might get even more then mentioned 3-5, it kind of feels like an ongoing panic attack at all times. Benzos are really not the long term answer and i do not think i should propably even try them since my last very bad bout with them 4 years ago, but i am really starting to be without options here.

Are there any drugs, that would help me go slower like remeron and azona (and maybe even valdoxan does, or are they all going to activate me even more, because i think the activation is what makes me go haywire even more. My current valdoxan is only at 12,5mg, and i don't really know if it is helping me or not , or maybe i should try to increase the dosage to know if i get the benefit, and then lower it if i don't get any benefit).




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