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Lou's reply-create and develop anti-Semitism

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 10, 2016, at 8:39:42

In reply to Re: Lou's reply-accessorys to murder Lou Pilder, posted by Larry Hoover on March 9, 2016, at 21:21:04

> > And all the while members here could encourage you to take the lethal combination. Those members could also be charged with your death.
> > Lou
> I laughed out loud when I read this post, Lou. You string non sequiturs within non sequiturs like no other poster I've ever seen.
> Lou, if I ever find out that your advice to anyone that they stop taking medication prescribed by their treating physician, and they commit suicide thereafter, I will seek charges against you. That is a promise. All of your posts here are a permanent record of your attacks on the vulnerable.
> You don't have a clue, and you are a danger to others. Get a grip.
> Lar
> Friends,
Larry has brought up a good point and a very important point.
It is written here by me,[...and all the while members here could encourage you to take lethal combinations. Those member could also be charged with your death...].
You see, these drugs are being promoted here by the psychiatrist as "medicines". They are not medicines for they do not treat a disease. They have no curative power and create a chemical imbalance that could cause death, life-ruining conditions and addictions. This is because they are chemical concoctions from chemicals used in insecticides an are nerve-agents. And when combined, their effects are increased exponentially that could cause death.
The members here are allowed feely to advocate the taking of combinations of these drugs that could kill the person they are advocating to take the drugs. This is allowed here by the psychiatrist when to save lives IMHO he has a duty and responsibility to intercede to post a comment to ward off the advice to take the lethal combination, and he does not. And worse, he is doing what he does, or what he does not do, so that his community will be bettered, so he thinks.
But it is much worse than that. For by him allowing me to be defamed here, readers could discard my warnings and be led to their deaths because the defamation to be seen as supportive could cause readers to have hostile and disagreeable feelings and opinions about me and could decrease the respect , regard and confidence in which I am held. Readers could be swayed by Mr. Hsiung to shun me by his example of not responding to my notifications to him which is discrimination on its face. He says that he does whatever because by doing it, his community will be bettered. That is the same justification used to support slavery and segregation and infanticide and genocide. What rational person could swallow such hate?
There is now a legal movement to prosecute those that traffic in these drugs when one dies from them so that they are charged with the death of the person that took the drugs. A doctor here was sentenced to 6 life terms for prescribing "pain pills" where 6 people died from them. He opened up a "pain clinic" that was nothing more than a supplier of pharmacy heroine. In some jurisdictions the advocator of what could kill a person on the internet is charged with their death. And now those that bully on the internet can be charged with the death of one bullied in some jurisdictions.
Be not deceived. Thousands of people kill themselves from these drugs each year and now there is new evidence that the suicide rate from these drugs is 15 times more than what had been understood and some researches say that 5000000 die from these drugs each year.
Be not deceived. In withdrawal from these drugs people kill themselves and I have posted that over and over. What I am trying to do here is to save lives by reaching the new people before they board the train of psychiatry and be led to the destination of addiction. life-ruining conditions and death. Those that are inundated with the chemicals already here, could indeed kill themselves as Larry says if they stop them. And kill others with them. These drugs are being allowed to be promoted without that warning by the posters allowed by Mr. Hsiung to do so. I am trying to stop him from allowing that. And I am trying to educate readers about that they could kill themselves if they stop the drugs.
The tragedy here is that I could give those trying to stop these drugs a way to escape the harm of withdrawal and save their lives. This is prohibited by Mr. Hsiung to me for it would come from a Jewish perspective as revealed to me and he prohibits me to post that. His prohibition is against Judaism which is what anti-Semitism is. Many of you wonder how all of the defmation against me here being allowed by Mr. suing is really a way to create and develop anti-Semitic hate. This is because there are tactics that could be used to create hatred to the Jews without posting anti-Semitic epithets. These tactics are glaring visible here in that policies have been altered or even changed to allow members to post anti-Semitic hate here. By Mr. Hsiung allowing the members to post anti-emetic hate, he could be thought to be validating the hate so that others could accept it into them which I could show you that psychology shows that could cause their death by transference, and the deaths of innocent Jews by being victims of anti-Semtic violence induced by superiority that readers could get from here. Oh, the horrors of this site.
Here is one such:




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