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Lou's response-Scott and basebal55 will not know

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 11, 2015, at 7:49:11

In reply to Lou's response-pstigmah baseball55, posted by Lou Pilder on September 11, 2015, at 5:24:35

> > I want to second Scott. I discovered some time ago not to even open posts by our friend, nor to open posts that are responses to posts by our friend This is why I appreciate Scott's efforts to reply and change the subject line to the original issue, so I know the post isn't a response to Lou. I don't understand why people frustrate themselves over this. It happens all over the web, like flies at a picnic. Just something you have to learn to live with and ignore.
> >
> >
> > > In the meantime, you might want to limit your interactions with certain people. I think some people are simply looking for the stimulation that comes from posting in a way that provokes reactions in others. To post your reactions to these provocations only serves to stimulate continued posting on the part of these people, and allows for a reset of the 3-post rule.
> > >
> > > It is difficult to not react immediately and emotionally to upsetting posts made by others. I still fall into this trap sometimes. However, your input is critical in many cases, and I would not want you to discontinue your efforts to improve Psycho-Babble, even should that involve posts similar to that you submitted here. I try to choose my battles, and try not to allow someone's thread to be hijacked by me or anyone else.
> > >
> > > Your posts are very supportive of me. Thank you.
> > >
> > >
> > > - Scott
> >
> > baseball55, I could be your subject person here You wrote,[...not to even open posts by (Lou)...and ignore...].
> You were responding to Scott where I could be his subject person in that he wrote,[...limit interactions with (Lou)... (Lou) is looking for stimulation that comes from posting in a way that provokes...].
> Mr. Hsiung is allowing you and Scott to defame me here with accusations that could induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings toward me and decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held. That is not supportive in my understanding and could lead to the deaths of reader here because Mr. Hsiung is promoting the defamation as being supportive, for he states that being supportive takes precedence and by him ignoring my notifications, it will be good for him and the community as a whole for him to do so which allows hatred by you and Scott to abound here.
> It is a powerful persuasion tool to allow defamation to abound here for there are vulnerable readers that are influenced by you and Scott in tandem posting hate as promoted by a psychiatrist to be civil and that or advocating shunning is supportive.
> But the blood of those killed here by the drugs promoted here, will not be upon me. For I am trying to save lives by what I post here and those that advocate to not read what I post could steer innocent people to their deaths as the enmity spread by you and Scott against me here could be interpreted as anti-Semitic propaganda because what is plainly visible being allowed by Mr. Hsiung could incite members against me as the Jewish member trying to purge out the anti-Semitic propaganda being allowed by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record to be seen as supportive where they are originally posted here.
> By this being allowed to spread from here like a forest fire, hatred toward the Jews could be fomented that could keep readers from knowing the truth, for anti-Semitism is based on lies against the Jews.
> You and Scott are allowed to post to advocate to others to not read my posts. This could stigmatize me as that harm could come to those that do open my posts so that you and Scott are allowed to depict me as an enemy. That is a lie against me for I am trying to save lives by what I post here. The real enemy is the lies being allowed to be posted here about me and the Jews. I am trying to open the eyes of readers to see how the allowing of defamation against me and the Jews here could cause the death of readers.
> To allow you and Scott to post that others not open my posts, is a perversion of the Golden Rule which Mr. Hsiung says that his forum incorporates that ideal. Shame on those here that are joining Mr. Hsiung in his thinking that he ignores my notifications so he can be an example for others to also ignore me. That is not the Golden Rule, that is a perversion of the Golden Rule and could IMHHHHO lead you to your deaths.
> Lou

Mr. Hsiung posts to influence readers to not respond to me by his example of not responding to my notifications to him. Those of you in concert with him that also advocate that others not open my posts or such, could be keeping others from knowing the truth that could prevent their death.
The deaths from these drugs promoted here as "medicines", could be furthered by posters here advocating to be in concert with Mr. Hsiung to post that others do not respond to me or even open my posts. Do you want to second Scott? Do you want to be in concert with baseball55 and Phillipa? Here is a video that you can open and Scott and baseball55 and Phillipa will not know.




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