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Lou's reply-datzgud

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 14, 2015, at 9:56:57

In reply to Lou's reply-pstehytsponsoard, posted by Lou Pilder on May 13, 2015, at 9:33:14

> > > > > > Lou,
> > > > > >
> > > > > > what is the anti-semitic perspective and who has posted it?
> > > > >
> > > > > Lamdage22,
> > > > > The foundation of anti-Semitism rests on pillars of hate. This ancient hatred can be perpetuated in communities, states, countries, schools, universities , workplaces, hotels, apartments, clubs, businesses, and where there are groups that have leaders that promulgate antisemitsm and allow it and foster it and create and develop it, for the furnace of hate needs to be stoked by someone. Anti-Semitism that can be seen is a result of the members of the group allowing it, or the leader of the group leads the non-Jews to think that they will benefit from anti-Semitism being allowed. Here's how they do it.
> > > > > The play-book is simple and a moron could do it. You do not have to be a mastermind to lead a group to hate Jews if you are in charge of the group. In fact the groups of anti-Semitism have been studied and their members score low in intelligence and may take mind-altering drugs, and are easily persuaded and subordinated to the leader and very un informed. This is because those in the group could feel threatened by the leader(s) if they do not accept the leaders promotion of anti-Semitism and could think that they could become victims of the leaders if they oppose them. This is because the leader that allows anti-Semitism leads the group to believe that what he is doing to the Jews will improve the community so they could benefit from it. If Jews are excluded from the government, then non-Jews could have the potential to have a better position as one example. If Jews are not allowed to have businesses, then the non-Jews could make more profits as another example. And if Jews were not allowed to be psychiatrists or teachers, then the non-Jewish psychiatrists or teachers could have a better opportunity. If the party-line is against Jews, then being against Jews also could be helpful to the non-Jews and also could loose their job or be deadly if they do not adopt the party-line of anti-Semitism of the leaders.
> > > > > So the leader starts with creating and developing that the Jews are evil, inferior people, disturbed people, from their father the Prince of Death (the devil) and that they will threaten the health of non-Jews and will do harm to them, characterizing the Jews as guilty of deicide, cursed by the God that the Christians give service and worship to for that (false) charge and their children also.
> > > > > Then the leader allows the Jews to be seen as being replaced by the Christians by the God in question because they were not being good Jews and so the God in question took away the promises to the Jews and gave them to the Christians. This is called replacement theology or supersessionism. That being allowed to be promulgated by the leader leads to the insult against Judaism in that Jews are not saved and need to convert to Christianity to be saved and that Judaism is an annulled faith. Since they are not saved according to that being allowed that can not have their members have their prayers to God answered unless they pray to Jesus. The Jews then can openly be dehumanized and defamed and ridiculed and humiliated, and murdered.
> > > > > Then the leader oould deny the Jews equal protection of the laws/governing rules or create laws/rules against the Jews or hold Jews to a higher standard or another standard than the non-Jews, making prohibitions to the Jews, isolating them and advocating that Jews be shunned and punish Jews for being Jews by prohibiting Jews to promulgate Judaism, while christiandom is being allowed to be promulgated.
> > > > > Then those that want to promulgate anti-Semitic hate can do so freely without sanction, and the leader could even help them and make a protected venue for them to promulgate anti-Semitic propaganda, justifying it all along as that it will in the leader's thinking be good for the community as a whole while a Jew can not answer the anti-Semitism, or they could be expelled for repudiating anti-Semitism and defending the Jews.
> > > > > I will show you who the posters are and the posts that you have asked for as to how they dehumanize Jews and degrade the Jews that IMHO could result in a collective psychopathy here that could induce real-world hate to be acted out in violence against Jews and others and even cause one to kill themselves. This is all because I think that Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record have a responsibility here to delete or disable or sanction content in a timely manner that could arouse anti-Semitic feelings and that failure to do so could contribute to the deaths of vulnerable readers inundated with mind-altering chemicals that can be easily influenced to hate Jews. They are easily influenced here because I am prohibited by Mr. Hsiung to post the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me so the readers here can not learn from me, one that is trying to save their lives, trying to prevent life-ruining conditions and addictions, so that the prohibitions from Mr. Hsiung to me keep readers un informed from my perspective. And its so easy to persuade the un informed. It's so easy.
> > > > > Lou
> > > > >
> > > > > Lamdage22,
> > > > The ancient hatred toward the Jews can be perpetuated by using the same tactics to arouse anti-Semitic feelings as done centuries ago. These tactics are used today just as they were from the beginning of the hatred promulgated by leaders in the past. One such tactic used to arouse hatred toward the Jews is called {poisoning the well}. The tactic is accusative and uses Jews as scapegoats in actually blaming the Jews for bringing disease to countries.
> > > > Here we have a poster openly posting anti-Semitic propaganda what could be thought to be the same {expletive} about me as a Jew here and the post stands to be seen as supportive and will be good in Mr. Hsiung's thinking for the community as a whole for it to be seen that way. The use of {challenging the health of the community} is a phrase used to stop those polluting the oceans and farmlands that could kill off fish and farm produce. I am not doing any such thing here by trying to save lives, prevent life-ruining conditions and addictions and free the readers from the mind-set that Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record and posters that are in concert with them, are allowing anti-Semitic hate to be seen as supportive, civil and that in Mr. Hsiung's thinking it will be good for this community as a whole to be seen that way. That, if accomplished by me, would free the Jews and others from being seen here as inferior people and stop this site from attracting Jew-haters that can get the mind-set from here that anti-Semitism is supportive and civil. By allowing the following post to stand, anti-Semitism can be fostered from here and erupt in places all over the world which could lead to the deaths of innocent children that could become victims of anti-Semitic bullying and violence perpetrated against the Jews. The ancient hatred seen in the following post allowed to be justified by Mr. Hsiung turns my stomach.
> > > > Lou
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > Frieds,
> > > The ancient promulgation of hatred of he Jews can be perpetuated many ways and to march down the field in play- by -play to lead to hatred toward the Jews being seen by the coach leads to the anti-Judaism play. This play allows the quarterback to throw the bomb of anti-Judaism to be allowed to be caught as being in fair territory when in fact the receiver was out-of- bounds according to the rules. The officials and the refs are all of the deputies of record and Mr. Hsiung. I van make a challenge to the call, but Mr. Hsiung says that he can deny the equal protection of his rules and not act on my challenge via his own notification policy.
> > > Here is one such post dehumanizing Jews as defaming the Jews as to the statement by the poster against Judaism, called anti-Judaism, being allowed to be seen as supportive here. This could IMHHHHHHO lead, let's say, a Jewish teenager coming here for support in depression, to kill themselves as being humiliated by a psychiatrist and his deputies of record and members in concert with them that are allowed to post anti-Semitic propaganda with impunity here so that the Jewish child could think that their faith in Judaism is being allowed to be defamed by them, even with the expectation that putting down someone's faith is not allowed here according to the TOS of Mr. Hsiung, and also reading that if he allows a faith to be put down it is because it will in Mr. Hsuing's thinking be good for him and good for the community as a whole for the statement to be seen as supportive, for being supportive takes precedence.
> > > Lou
> > >
> > > >
> > > Lamdage and friends,
> > The question here is what is the anti-Semitic perspective as being allowed to be seen here as supportive and civil and that by it being seen that way, it will be good for this community as a whole in Mr. Hsiung's thinking. That thinking is nothing new but centuries old that has culminated in the murder of millions of Jewish children that had atrocities committed against them. The furnace of hatred toward the Jews can be stoked by allowing to be promoted in a community false characterizations and stereotyping of Jews that dehumanize and devalue Jews that can be considered to be validated here by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record and those members in concert with them because they are allowed to be seen as supportive and worse, if statements that put down and accuse Jews are allowed to be seen as supportive, it will in Mr. Hsiung's thinking be good for this community as a whole for anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as civil and supportive here. That could lead IMHHHO to the deaths of vulnerable readers here taking mind-altering drugs, that see a psychiatrist validating hatred toward the Jews as civil and supportive in his thinking by leaving anti-Semitic propaganda unsanctioned. This could poison the minds of a subset of readers that anti-Semitism as seen as supportive could pump up false feelings of superiority induced into them by seeing anti-Semitic hate here as standing to be seen as supportive by a psychiatrist. Those readers could act out real-world hate and psychologists write about how that hate could return inwardly to them and they could kill themselves and even commit mass-murder by having the hate in the back roads by the cesspools of their memories, pounding the poison of hatred ever so putrid in their minds.
> > Here is a post that allows the ancient hatred toward the Jews to be perpetuated here as civil and supportive,that is the anti-Semitic perspective, that a subset of readers could think, and also think as is being validated by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record since I have asked for all the bible verses in the link to be notated as not supportive where it is originally posted, and my request is denied or evaded by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record.
> > Lou
> >
> > >
> > Lamdage22 and friends,
> The question before us is what is the anti-Semitic perspective and who has posted it.
> It is one thing for the horrors of anti-Semitism to be posted on a mental-health site, but it is a greater horror for the leaders of this site to encourage, create or foster or develop or say that it will be good for this community as a whole for anti-Semitism to be seen as supportive of the hatred toward the Jews. By doing that, readers could think that anti-Semitism is being validated by the owner and any of his deputies of record as being supportive and will be good for this community as a whole in their thinking. This could twist the mind-set of readers taking mind-altering drugs to distort reality and create a mind-altered state to compel a subset of those readers to act out real-world hatred toward the Jews as they could think that it will be good for their community as a whole as the psychiatrist chairing this site could lead a subset of readers here to believe that he thinks that anti-Semitism will be good for his community as a whole. There could be a rational basis to think that on many grounds, but the fact that up to 6 deputies also will not stop the anti-Semitic posts from being seen as supportive could reinforce those readers in that subset to think that the hate is being further ratified by up to 6 deputies or record. And further, my notifications for years are outstanding even though the deputies of record could respond to them if they wanted to according to the TOS/FAQ here. That can become a powerful influence to create and develop antisemitic hate here.
> This hate could be further pumped into vulnerable minds here by Mr. Hsiung posting the display of a swastika and refusing my plea to delete it or post a disclaimer in the post where it is originally posted. Children seeing a psychiatrist displaying the swastika could be influenced to do the same and worse, accept what the hate symbol stands for and act out real-world violence toward Jews.
> Here are two links to posts here concerning my plea to have the post deleted or a disclaimer posted within the post where the swastika is original posted by Mr. Hsiung. His justification for leaving it in his post I am still awaiting to see from him. As long as the swastika is displayed here with impunity, a subset of readers could think that it is supportive to inflame the sensitivities if Jews here and because of that, this site could be considered by a subset of readers to be an antisemitic site since Mr. Hsiung will no delete it or post a disclaimer in the post, so readers could think that Mr. Hsiung thinks that it will be good for his community as a whole for the swastika to be seen as supportive by him as that anti-Semitism is {state-sponsored} here.
> Lou
> > Lamdage22 and friends,
The question before us is what is the anti-Semitic perspective and who has posted it here.
Antisemitism can be created and developed in a community by the community leaders by leading the members to think that anti-Semitism is being validated or ratified by the leaders to be good for the community as a whole. This is exemplified in European Fascism by what they called the common good. In European Fascism, the leader and his deputies allowed or even disseminated anti-Semitic propaganda themselves. They did this in speeches, using the press, radio and by rewarding those that promulgated anti-Semitism by saying that it is good. One of the most virulent forms of hatred against the Jews to be promulgated by a community is called {replacement theology} or {supersessionism}. This way of thinking basically states that Jews are inferior to Christians and that Judaism is a faith that can not lead to heaven for Jews have been replaced by the Christians to receive all the promises from the God that the Jews give service and worship to ( hence the statement no non-Christian will enter heaven is allowed to be seen as supportive here) to go along with replacement theology to be allowed here to be seen as civil and that it will be to the common good to be seen that way where it is originally posted.
Replacement theology can be pumped into the minds of vulnerable readers here to demean the Jews and could lead to those seeing it as being supportive by a psychiatrist and up to six deputies could induce a false mind-set of superiority to those easily persuaded to act out real-world hatred and violence toward the Jews by seeing that the psychiatrist says that it is good in the following post. Notice that Mr. Hsiung thanks the poster. This is important in many respects that I intend to bring out here to show you how anti-Semitism can be created and developed here by that Mr. Hsiung can deny me the equal protection of his rules by not to act on my notifications and post what could encourage others to shun me here. By not acting on my notifications, that could stigmatize me here and decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held and induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings against me here that could further the development of anti-Semitic hate in vulnerable readers that accept that he is doing in his thinking what will be good for this community as a whole to do so.




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