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Emsam/ Can I take it for only 12-16 hours a day...

Posted by hopeandme on December 21, 2013, at 22:51:53

Hi all!

This is my second go round on the Emsam 6mg patch. I was on it for approximately 10 weeks and had to get off of it because I developed severe insomnia. I had horrible withdraw for approximately 5 weeks after getting off of it and never thought that I would get on it again. Emsam is the only thing that has ever worked out of so many antidepressants. The most recent was another MAOI called Marplan at 10mg. At three weeks I felt nothing and gave it up in order to get back on Emsam. I'm terrified to try Parnate because I feel horrible on stimulants and I hear Parnate is worse with insomnia. I'm afraid of Nardil due to the wait gain that is usually accompanied by it.

The only thing is I have once again developed the deep dark depression where I just don't want to live a long life(I would never do anything now because I have children who need me but if I didn't it would certainly be a different story).

In any case, the last go round I believe it took 3 weeks for Emsam to work fully. It was amazing! No depression, back to my old social self for the first time in 5-6 years and a had a strong libido for the first time in 5-6 years. Well I'm back on it and it is two weeks today. For the first 12 days I have only worn it for 12 hours. I read somewhere that someone wore it for just 12 hours and had the positive effects. The last two days I have increased it to 16 hours. I guess I'm trying to rush things because I'm feeling so down and don't want to feel this way. Do you think it is possible for it to work wearing it only 12-16 hours a day? I feel like I'm already having the insomnia this go round but maybe it is just because I am not taking everything I was taking for sleep the last time I was on the patch. I have a really bad illness that comes with almost total insomnia already. Two docs (including one sleep doc) told me that this was the worst case of insomnia they have ever seen. In any case, I'm already on heavy duty medications that include Xyrem, Xanax, Seroquel and Lyrica for sleep. My p'doc gave me a script for Ambien last time around for my insomnia with Emsam but Xyrem threatened not to give me my Xyrem if I took Ambien. If I don't take Xyrem I don't sleep at all and I am completely bedridden. Is there anything other than Xanax, Lyrica and Seroquel that can help with sleep but also be taken in the day for something else that I can tell Xyrem I'm taking in the day and that it is not for sleep since it is ok with my doc?

Do you think wearing the patch for only 12-16 hours a day will help with insomnia? Do you think it will take additional time for the Emsam to kick in since I'm only wearing it for 12-16 hours a day? Right now I feel nothing but bad but it has only been two weeks.

Do you think if the insomnia gets too bad that if I come off of the Emsam for just two weeks and hop back on it that it will be out of my system so that I can just start over again and not suffer for the whole 5 weeks? I want to get out of the house and start volunteering but am afraid I wouldn't be able to do so during the time I come off of Emsam due to the horrific withdraw I felt. My doc said Emsam must have something in it that my body is missing otherwise most people don't have that reaction when discharging MAOIs. I thought that was an interesting statement.

Thanks for everything!




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