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complicated drug abuse in dual diagnosis

Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 8, 2013, at 0:38:32

im back, had a good day, stressed, forced myself to study database design by myself, yes...true story...and caffine

but anyways i've been reading about doctors cases where they can't treat a condition due to substance abuse case, and that is exactly my case, see i was dignosed in 2003 with ADHD, well actually before that i think 1999....but when i actually started seeing a psychatrist was 2003....the adderall was given from my general pract ... but to ultra sumerize this....i was on dextroamphetamine for years, and as it progressed my signs off ADHD where there...yes, but then substance abuse began, having that reward stimulation from amphetmaine, after i would take it i would do worthless tasks, doing things over and over again, cleaning, but it did help me in my studies.....but what happened instead of taking the pill for concentration, and nothing beyound that i started realizing the euphoric stimulation it gave, increased mood...enhanced mental abiliy....but see this is how it went in my case, i would take it repeatdly...thinking i couldnt do tasks without adderall..... adderall or dextroamp. are vary effective medications, and i do not want to put bad reputation on them, but that is a side thing when they are taken, my friends take adderall and pop them like candy....the 30mgs, take it over and candy, there's doctors that will give it out in vary high doses, 90mg-120mgs, when i was doing meth with a person i knew, there was a doctor that was giving him 2mg xanax four times daily, and adderall i think 30mgs at 120mgs, it was the 30mgs four times a day...both equal.....see thats not medical treatment, and this person was getting presciption s for hydrocodone from another doctor, and they had to go diffrent pharmacies....paid raw cash, no insurance...and see i got sucked into trying to get meth....and i had to do what they said and if i was good they would give me meth...this was about 1 and half ago, it was 2012....

but see im starting to understand how all this works, in my case, substance abuse became a problem that defeated the puropse of taking medication for what it was precribed for. So after i was taken off all of it, it was a horror story im not gonna lie, it was TERRIBLE....and that lead to doing methamphetamine, the drug dealer i was around i had to do everything he said, give him money, and if i was good he would give it to me, he said meth was going to help the market doctor....thats what it was....but it only lasted a couple months....i basically enslaved myself to people who knew they control me, and give me small amounts of it like candy to kid...

but im getting off subject, don't want to blow this out of the water, but when a doctor cannot give you something due to substance abuse or risk of addiction, there's 2 options...find another doctor, and believe me there are doctors that will juice you up, or you have to totally redo the mind, stop thinking that you can't function. It took me 5 years since 2008, to get on my feet, both with having to realize my mother, and my doctor would never let anything stimulant be given, finally came nuvigil....but im happy with that, it does wake me up, and able to focus a bit better, so ill leave it at that...not request stimulant medication again....

litterly i have had to redo alot of things, the amphetamine was treating the condition, but like i said it turned into something else....and the fact that i wasnt taking it, it was raw evidence that i needed to take it, but it was not given, 5 years...yes, to redo my entire mind to function like a normal person, i've gotten more diagnsis, one aspergers, 2012 was disorganized schizophenia....the doctor wrote in the psych report that i was disorganized and pressured in my speech, and thats what she came to conclusion. I'm on Zyprexa 20mgs, it zones out the turmoil....and im fine withh that....

but to whoever has a similar case....where you are denied use of something, similar to my case....there's other doctors, but how i've done it is totally redo everything, thought process, belief system, and totally forget about the substance....find another one, work with the doctor, im on zyprexa and prozac, they do work somehat in calming the firing causing hyperactity...its off label use......

but if you wanting to do option one, going to other doctors, type the case of what your going throgh, anxiety, pain, into google and it should pull them up. I didnt go that direction and it was hard but i learned how to function out of all that sh*t that can do it too....

thank you for reading, logging off...


not a scholar but understand distress
Prozac 60mg
Lamictal 400mg
Zyprexa 20mg
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