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screw the shrinks

Posted by Christ_empowered on August 21, 2013, at 9:52:06

I'm not anti-meds, btw. I just don't like the huge costs, the forced hospitalizations, the forced "treatment" (for poor and/or minority people, this often includes heavy, involuntary ECT), and the massive over-drugging.

Listen, I take Abilify and a lil bit of neurontin when I need it. I do my own version of orthomolecular (I call this "orthomolecular deluxe"). I'm healthy, physically and mentally.

But my ex-shrinks--the ones who, when I was in my early 20s, violated HIPPAA left and right and laughed at me--are proof that psychiatry is just social control. My old records (pencil whipped anyway, I believe) have been altered. My diagnosis has been changed several times. My sexuality has been a huge issue. My IQ estimates are all over the map--95 to "high IQ," whatever that means.

One shrink, who treated me for 3 weeks at a private, inpatient facility, has pulled out the Freud. Narcissism (I was 20). Narcissistic wound. Collapse of ego functions leading to psychosis. Malignant narcissism.

I'm sick of it. I'm also sick of knowing that, if it wasn't for my comfortable, well-connected, white, professional parents, I'd be in a state mental hospital. Keep in mind, when I was 20, all they did was involuntary ECT (following a benzo OD, btw), Freudian BS, and Rx high dose antidepressants, which I then couldn't pay for because they wouldn't let me keep my parents' insurance (never mind that I had to withdraw from school ***because*** of the hospitalization).

They told my parents to cut me off. I lived nearby and my parents had to support me because I was a dull eyed, un-medicated vegetable. They made the laughing stock of my small, southern town.

Now, I've been healed. I know, you're like "healed? whaaa?" Just go with it. Suspend your disbelief. Its kinda like a novel.

I became a Christian because "somebody up there likes me," or so I keep hearing. Christians cared about me, Christians helped me...must be Jesus. Plus, the Bible makes too much sense.

My dull eyes are bright. My hair is thick and glossy. My skin is healthy and clear, I'm a little bit taller, my IQ estimates are higher, and...the old shrinks are still after me. Narcissist. Malignant narcissism. Healing from a narcissistic wound. Narcissistic wounds don't heal. Narcissistic rage.

Rage? Hell yeah! Look, psychiatrists destroy people. The meds they use aren't that great. Good thing is...anyone could prescribe them. Off the wall, batsh!t agitated? Well, hey...sero-geodo-zyprexa-risperd-abilify for your a$$, mkay?

Johnny can't read? OK, we could look at *real* issues--social class, education system, family issues, neurological issues, whatever--or we could pump Johnny full of Vyvan-Addera-Ritali-Straterra. Problem solved. "Treatment failure" is possible, of course. Keep those insurance dollars coming, mom and dad!

My issues were probably hormonal, neurological, and rooted in a crazy making life situation (thank you, RD Laing). Not just my family, either. Oh, but wait: you have schizo-narcissistic-bipolar disorder type 1, 2, and 3.5....clearly, you need to be shocked and drugged and labelled and your reputation (such as it is) must be destroyed. Its therapeutic, you know?

Right. I may be an extreme example of psychiatry's power to destroy (and also God's power to heal, albeit slowly), but I'm not the only one. They keep their victims in group homes, homeless shelters, mental hospitals, public housing, cemeteries.

My advice? Be careful with your meds. Go to a family doctor. Avoid psychiatrists, avoid hospitals, if you do recover...move! Once you've been pegged as a shrink's victim, they don't want you to have great hair, bright eyes, a supportive family, hope and a future; no, they want drugs and dull eyes and TD and medical bills and misery.

Please don't call me some anti-psychiatry wing nut or tell me that this is an isolated example. I tried to get away from the shrinks, I did. What happened? God healed me, and the "docs" came after me. They're trying to put me into what Szasz refers to (and rightfully so) as "psychiatric slavery." You will be dull eyed, compliant, and poor. You will do as we say and live your life (such as it is) on OUR terms. We own you, we know you, we know your life story. Give up your identity now.

Screw that. I already took these a$$holes to the medical board, now my parents hired a good attorney to get me out of their latest scheme. I answer to God and I follow the law. I'm not their drone anymore, you know?

Keep in mind, the next time you go to a psychiatrist, that the person writing your Rxs has victims. ECT victims, drug addicted victims, hospitalized and impoverished victims. Some of them--mostly male--have sexually exploited their patients. Many of them are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and elitist. None of them have cured a single case of "mental illness."




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