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Lou's Little Shoppe-Lou's reply to Scott's guess.B

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 21, 2012, at 16:34:27

In reply to Lou's Little Shoppe-Lou's reply to Scott's guess. SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on September 21, 2012, at 16:10:22

> > > What facts did you use, if any, to make the educated guess? If you did not use facts, why is the guess educated?
> >
> > If my guess is wrong, you can certainly take this opportunity to correct me and edify others.
> >
> >
> > - Scott
> Scott,
> You did post a {part} to what is in question here. Now as to what other parts make up the entire situation could be brought out in this discussion by some other means than you listing any criteria that you used, if any, to make the guess educated. I think that if we discuss J. Rousseau and who followed him as building on what he wrote, and then how that is related to this situation here, then I think that could bring out the crux of the issue here.
> You see, there is a lot redacted by someone in that faith page where you cut that statement by Rousseau. Then the page was modified from it's original to show something else wheras if what was redacted was put back, I could post here to your post.
> What you can not see now is that the statement by Rosseau that you posted here about is in context to something else that has been redacted on the fiath page that you took the statement from. What was redacted had to do with what Mr Hsiung stated was how people thought here. How could he know what people thought? And the statement that was readacted had to do with Rousseau in his time in relation to the church that had a particular doctrine that I posted for dialog with Mr Hsiung that I can not find here. Then there was a statement by Rousseau concerning Christians that I objected to. What followed after that was (redacted by respondent) and to this day (redacted by respondent).
> Now some people may remember that exchange between me and Mr Hsiung. But then, along came (redacted by respondent) which IMHO was just to arouse (redacted by respondent) and has been going on and on and on which IMHHO could advance hatred toward the Jews, and me as a Jew here, and subject Jews to the potential of being victims of antisemitic violence. Some of the statements also could have the potential to be determined by some people to be insults to Judaism and Islam and other faiths and are to this day allowed to stand.
> Now one can go to the admin board here and read my posts that have outstanding requests to Mr Hsiung and post there from your perspective and I could reply there. Be advised that Mr Hsiung states that he does what will be good for this community as a whole and to trust him in that. I say to you to go back in the historical record and see who else said that and how what Rousseau wrote fosterd the (redacted by respondent).
> Lou
> Scott,
Now along comes Rousseau in the statement page of the faith board. Why Rousseau? I can not at this time tell you that, but as this discussion could develop, it could come out.
But we can look at what came out of that. Here is a post that is allowed to stand. So some could think that it is civil and supportive here by Mr Hsiung because it is unsanctioned and support takes precedence and he does not wait to sanction a statement because one match could start a forest fire.
Now let us look at the second list as #5.
That statement has the potential IMHO to not only arouse antisemitic violence, but also to arouse anti-Islamic violence and anti-other faiths violence. Now Mr Hsiung states that he does what will be good for this community as a whole. But what about other commuinities that see the statement in question? Does an insult to Judaism or Islam or other faiths have something in it that will be good for any community as a whole? If so, which community will the statement in question be good for as a whole? Where on this earth could that statement be supportive? My friends, (redacted by respondent)




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