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Dexedrine a nightmate for 12 years.......

Posted by smoothste1 on August 23, 2012, at 14:05:48

I was first prescribed dexedrine by a gp in london as i was working 2 jobs round the clock,and was over-tired so he started me off on 50mg on a monthly script.I moved to manchester and my script moved with me,seeing gps locally.The dose started to go up and up.After about 3 years which is now 2001,i was prescribed 200mg a day(40 5mg pills) for a long time,i became totally addicted,then the side effects started to change me.I started seeing things,hearing voices,i thought i was no longer in the uk but on an island where prisoners were kept,like area 51.I did become scitsophrenic.But i didnt realise it was the drug,it sounds mad but its true.My gp told me about a psyciatrist who was based at preswich hospital,and i should go to see her,so i did.She was extremely worried about my state of mind and asked me to have a 7 day break off dexedrine,to get my mind together.Then she prescribed 30mg diazipam,600mg amisulpride,and 225mg vanlafaxine.I had a couple of weeks in hospital there,it was a detox ward really,but i felt awful off dexedrine.After 7 days she put me on a dose of 100mg dexedrine a day.I then got tested for having adult adhd,my mother was interviewed about when i was a child,i done some tests and it turned out i did have 2 types of adult adhd carried on from childhood.But dexedrine had got to me first,so addiction had also took hold first.This then went on for another 5 years,so all in all i had been on dexedrine 12 years.Then in 2009 she told me she had to leave manchester quickly,and my only option was to go to the local community drugs team.South manchester was the place,and i didnt like it,i didnt feel right or fit in.I saw the dr and she told me she didnt like dexedrine and was going to stop it.Before i knew it,it had all gone,along with all the other drugs i had been on for so many years.My mother died very quickly,from a heart attack,my nan died who i live with quick with cancer,and i didnt know wether i was coming or going.I had no gp nothing.Alone i started quickly to become physically and mentally ill,withdrawl from all the drugs took hold of me,and i went to hell and back.I lay on the bed,suffering so bad,if i slept the nightmares started and i would wake up screaming/sweating.I had to get to a gp.I sought one out and i got looked at as if nothing was wrong,at all.No dexedrine,no diazipam venlafaxine yes and maybe some amisulpride 400mg,and that was it.Now in aug 2012,a couple of years on i feel hopeless.I hate drug dealers and the world of drug addicts but i need to take amphetamine just to be well,without it depression strikes and i go suisidal,ive tried twice,nothing is done.Im now also on 10mg of diazipam,and i have broke my right leg 8 times,and i was on 2 boxs of codine phospate 30mg pills,but my new dr says there to addictive.She is a waste of time.I hate spending over 200 quid every 10 days or so for street speed.I am so down even on the drug.I feel hopeless,life has gone from complete happiness in london to a misrable flat in south manchester,no friends just 2 dogs thhat i love.For the past 3 years i have looked,and looked,tried to get dexedrine back from about 80 diffrent dps,psyciatrists,and no.Its useless but not right or fair.12 years on all that stuff and just left by the road-side.My gp keeps saying oh you need to go to rehab.What with a brain disorder now,damage after 12 years on 200mg a day.In 1998 i did have 7 weeks in rehab,clouds in wiltshire.I was in there with robbie williams,when he wrote angels sat next to me,and paula yates with died a few weeks later,but after coming out,the depression struck and the nhs put me back on dexedrine after 2 weeks.So ill keep going....Looking,i write letters,try the web,London i may try and get to but its expensive,how can i buy a dr on just a maybe when i need amphetamine.Does anyone know of any dr/psyciatrist in the manchester area.I really do want dexedrine back.....




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