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Lou's reply-tymwillbedhajudg Dopaminer

Posted by Lou Pilder on August 17, 2012, at 5:24:41

In reply to Re: Lou's reply-dheppohcoat, posted by Dopaminer on August 17, 2012, at 1:02:30

> Hi,
> My neurologist perscribed me Valproic acid. He is a trusted man fully understanding my problem... i do not care about problems with liver in such situation to be honest.
> Do you think there are any retro virus therapies that could also save my life?
> Im on valproic acid for 4 weeks now but i dont see any improvements and im getting sad.K
> I am starting to have no hope for a normal life.
> (to remind you i was on 15mg zyprexa for 3 weeks)
> Andrew

You wrote,[...neurologists prescribed me Valproic acid...I do not you think...I don't see any hope for a normal life...].
You may already know that I see two ways to overcome depression and/or addiction. One by {human acheivement} and the other by {divine accomplishment}. The taking of chemicals to overcome states of mind is a road that could lead to death or life-ruining conditions or addiction.
For thousands of years people have thought that by taking a chemical, one could lead a free and normal life. But around 42,000 people last year died as a result of psychotropic drugs. And going forward there could be millions of deaths from these chemicals that some call "medicines". Your neurologist (redacted by respondent) and can legally prescribe a drug that could cause your death either by liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatic disease or other fatal consequences induced by the drug, even agranulocytosis.
Now you asked about other treatments. I do not agree with psychiatry in relation to giving people mind-altering drugs that could induce a mind-altered state to compell the taker of the drug to want to kill themselves and/or others, even commit mass-murder. You can see the posts here of those that advocate the taking of mind-altering drugs as in some way that by taking those chemicals, one could overcome their state of mind that is depressing. And maybe after years and years of adding this drug or that drug and combining one drug with others, something could happen. Well, what could happen is death, disease or disability. But it has been revealed to me that one can overcome depression/addiction by divine accomplishment. Yet today, there are prohibitions posted to me here by Mr. Hsiung that prohibits me from posting here to you what I think could save your life. The prohibitions center around prohibiting me from posting facts, facts that could mark the difference IMHO of you being alive or dead. And there is the prohibition to me that I can not post from the Jewish perspective here as revealed to me. That prohibition is not a new one, for it goes bak centuries and I am prohibited from posting here about a particular historical era. But if you go to the admin board here, you can see the years of outstanding requests from me to Mr Hsiung and see what I am referring to. You could see how the outstanding requests could lead others IMHHO to acts of antisemitic violence toward Jews as a result of the thinkig that Mr. Hsiung states that support takes precedence, so some could think that what is in question is supportive.
So you might dismiss what I could tell you to what I think could save your life. And Mr Hsiung states that he does what in his thinking will be good for this community as a whole. Time will be the judge of that, my friend.
Now the psychiatrits and the neurologists and the people here that could lead you to taking drugs that could kill you, think that by you taking the drugs your symptoms will somehow be "treated" and as new symptoms arise, another drug is advised and then another as symptoms arise and another when the first drug doesn't stop the symptoms and the more drugs and more drugs until there leads an end to that road.




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