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Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on July 30, 2012, at 13:27:08

In reply to Re: depression mindset, posted by Tomatheus on July 30, 2012, at 3:05:33

Yea...really thank you for writing. I've read it couple times, sometimes it takes me a little longer to get info in my head.

Anyways yea the spritual know when I go to church people talk about how they hear god like just 5 min ago like he's a human. They put this belief of how they see God into current terms of the secular world, like god telling them jokes, god blesses them with all this stuff from Jcpenny, god told their dog to walk over to their bible and bark...god told them to go have an ice cream, secular thinking of the world not trying to be at insultive of this, its just that what I've heard from people at my church, it just sometimes seems silly, and bit superficial. Of course If I made a public statement about this they would attack and say im hersey against God. I mean really If you think about it when the church in the middle ages was in power, if you did anything that was hint of disrespecting God or implying your doing something of the devil... they would have you put to death. It just changes over time how man interprets God and religion, about 20 years ago when I was young I rerember at church they would use songs from vanilla ice and would change it and use JC in alot of the words in the song...still it was from a secular relation to God.

Their is church that is about 30min away from where I live that uses in my terms just blasmopmy in their teachings, I read on their website that everyone in the church was encouraged to have sex everyday of one week something like that...they use materialistic views like preach and have a farrari on stage talking about how to get one through God... the church of Vanity. Those materistic things are like a scuptured pice of ice that is magnificant in its design but it will melt eventually and all it will mean nothing after that.

Anyways, sorry I got off topic but you where talking about spiritual entities, which I know vary much that some how this is whats happening but i've told my psychologist about this and he told its mental construct of something the mind is trying to vent its distress, using "Lucifer" because he is one of my intrests to read about. Seriously like I said....lucifer is proably doing his other work planning for future events not talking to some 25 years old...but has told me that he reads my prayers to God. you said, that living in delusions can be vary much how we view the spiritual alot of times and even right now I doubt my belief system because I think its all a bunch of imagination errors. The biggest fear of me living life is that to live in false light of spirituality. Living a well contructed imagination of a belief system, meaning that someone talks to God but lives in error of the true living God, which is through Jesus Christ. I'm actually glad I have a pessimistic view of spirituality because it would be better to doubt that life is not all about flowers...blessings...and cupcakes that God personally sent you, with a big fat check of money because someone believed they would get it. Kinda get what I'm saying?

But anyways, you know posting all this has caused people to change their view of me, but im not psychotic....its that I choose to see something that I can't see psychically. You know in psych ward hospitals their main goal is to keep you calm...not doing anything tht would be a disruption of behavior...anything religious is considered invalid and they use more medication to cancel it out. That's why I always faked that I was fine, and did what asked of me just to get out of there.

I really am not a fan of going to motivational similars, psychiatric related or money related....they just tell you a bunch of stuff that "you can do it" and eleborate and intellectualize of how to live a better life, its vary cognitive hehavior thearpy with alot of motivation in the process. I like psychodynamic therpy alot but the only issue with it is taht they anaylze why you do things but they don't make a goal really to change it. I don't know that's my view....

thanks for the post!


am not a scholar but I do understand distress.
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I encourage you avoid false lights of enlightment.




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