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Re: disorganized schizophrenia rjlockhart04-08

Posted by novelagent on June 1, 2012, at 10:29:23

In reply to Re: disorganized schizophrenia, posted by rjlockhart04-08 on May 30, 2012, at 22:59:15

When I first had psychosis, I was sent toa rehab--it happens all the time. They claim it's because the regular hospitals are all full, but the real reason is the nurses are too lazy to call more than one regular hospital.

I would ask your doc if you could try going to a regular psychiatric hospital, where you could get a better work-up, as the diagnostic process is called, and they could adjust your meds to a long-acting drug, ideally clozapine, because it works such miracles for refractory cases like yours.

Clozapine really is a drug you'd want to take at first in a good hospital, and not as an outpatient. They can monitor you better that way. I highly advise a long-acting antipsychotic. It is proven long-acting injections increase psychological "insight', as objective awareness to your illness is called. It also requires a lower dose to receive an equal or greater therapeutic benefit over time, all of course due to the precise nature of how well it achieves a steady state in your bloodstream.I get this from Harvard docs who treat me. I hope this helps.

I first went to a rehab hospital, and I couldn't relate to all of the drug addicts there. I was going through something I desperately needed to share with someone my age going through the same thing, and couldn't. It made me convinced I didn't have anything wrong, and attributed it all to not taking my klonopin (which didn't help, but as it turns out, taking my klonopin again alone wasn't enough).

I wound up leaving the rehab place after three weeks, convinced the docs were over-worrying what was a brief psychotic episode. I got psychotic again that weekend, and my doc sat me down during out appointment and asked me to return to a real psychiatric hospital. I agreed, and meeting kids going through what I was going through put me at ease, because it made it all make more sense and likely. I didn't feel lonely anymore. I insisted I be put on Risperdal Consta, so I had no worries about missing a dose by accident, and the hospital put me on the regimen. It was great.

Now I take Invega Sustenna, which is like Risperdal Consta, only it's just once a month instead of twice a month. I never have had a psychotic episode since. I also take Vyvanse, to keep my head clear. I'm studying a foreign language, and about to return to college this fall. I'm also working this summer. My docs at the real hospital had high expectations of me, and they didn't mess around with writing down a diagnosis for the sake of recording it-- they actually did something about it.

It sounds like your doctor doesn't. A doctor who keeps up on the research doesn't prescribe Zyprexa, which I was prescribed by the rehab doctors. Zyprexa gave me weight gain, made me crave sugary foods, and I was told it can cause type II diabeties even if I did control my weight (I'm a skinny kid). A lot worse than Risperdal. So the first thing the real hospital doctors did was switch me to Risperdal-- they didn't just write down "weight gain" or "monitor for diabeties." They did something about it.

you don't have to go to the ER, and a lot of hospitals these days will even let you use a laptop. You can bring your favorite books and things if you plan right, and your doctor can arrange a bed for you at the best hospital he/she has admitting privileges to, without needing to go through the ER. That's what I did.

I was initially going to reject going to the hospital, only because I had just gotten a job offer that would start soon for a lot of money. And my doc told me, "I've seen people in your situation make this decision before, and the ones who choose to stick it out don't do so well."

this illness gets worse with neglect. It may seem inconvenient to return to a hospital, but you get to go to a real hospital, not with drug addicts, where you can relate to the people you see there. You have to weight the illness progressing against the inconvenience, and hopefully, you'll realize stopping its progression and working towards a full recovery is worthwhile.

> phillipa you are the only person who responded to this.....all the rest of babble won't listen. But yea....i do know the symptoms and I try by best to ignore them but alot of my lifstyle is vary disorganized, my thoughts, sometimes my conversations with people if im not trying to mask it. See another doctor 2008 diagnosed me with Asperger's....i never tell anyone that's my friends because they will view me mentally hanicapped and will be obligated to be morally supportive. In 2010 at a rehab with my current dr...they said I had low processing speed...and had a moderatly low IQ, and of course rehabs are the most miserable places you can be because they always address everything with addiction advice when it's not the problem....its like being at a summer camp with annoying counselors making you sing lowlife songs and have to always act happy. I hate being forced to act happy, but you have to do it to get out of the camp, or rehabs. Anyways...back to what I was diagnosis since 1998 .. ADHD...along the way it was depression and anxiety from abusing my stimulant medications....then aspgergers....and now disroganized schizophenia...
> You know it makes me think that when you where young there where always people that labeled you....but when you grow up its the same thing...expect their doctors with degrees that make sterotype label of disorders, and they will make deragotory comments in psych reports. Their are doctors that will give what you need and won't ever make reports of negative thought, and that is what I am looking for right now.
> Anyways, thanks phillipa ... ill see ya around:)
> rj




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