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Re: Does liquor react with MAOI? Grand Marnier/Tequila

Posted by willey on December 22, 2009, at 12:14:56

In reply to Re: Does liquor react with MAOI? Grand Marnier/Tequila willey, posted by Girlnterrupted78 on December 22, 2009, at 3:36:24

Well i remeber this was at a period of time where parnate had stopped working and i was trying prefusly to quick start it again,one after weeks of downtime i became frustrated,and in no way on purpose i went to far in a day,disgusted on parnates lack of effeictvness on this day i took too many trials moving from slow tiration up to just taking a extra amount,i also did the same with a few other meds i was taking.

This alone was not uncommon,in my quest to reamp parnate i was trying what i had to work with to get some sort of spark again,but this day i just played sloppy,then i had pizza,which again is part of ordianry things i still eat,but on that night it was the straw that broke the camels back.

My father uses beta blockers for his heart so i took when of them thinking it would help,and it also just worsened my headache,finaly i was scared,and had asked to have er come which i never do.

The worst part aside the pain was the er and hospital,in the ambulance i had a 17 yr old kid constantly sating as i was barly consious that i was having an allergic reactin too pizza,and everytime i mumbled in pain to him it was not that the more the kid yell it on the walkie talkie.

I wanted to pass out but i held on long enough to make sure the staff knew what was happening,and it still sounds funny to me that i had to actualy beg the head doc to google maois untill they stopped,then i finaly was able to put my head down and pass out.

As reandomly awoke in and out i was handed the worst drink which was activated charcoal which i now finaly obtained,the same form of hospital grade not store supplemtn grade.

I also awoke finaly with ice all over me and a toxicogist there,he could not be mistaken as he had a big bright RED TAG on him.He was the only person in the hospital who knew about maois,and he went over with me what happened and seemed to be angry with me.

Ok aside from all this,when i did have occasional drinks,id stick with a ordinary screw driver,and usualy was fine,the few times it did seem wrong what i noticed first was my body tempurture raise, then red spots on my neck,luckly this always provdided me time to take action.

After all this i now respect my maoi,i know my posts may not project it but one would have to no me to see this,i feel safe on parnate now and i dont drink any more,however sadly i use what i read in many books which is ghb,which used spargingly and responsable is simplply a gaba molecule attatched to a carrier of sodium hydroxide,it metabolizes to water and raises gaba b among other things,it is a nuero protective agent.

But as i stated in a few posts today prior,natural doesent mean safe,and not to be confused with date rape a two bit quack ghb still holds a lot of danger,it is extremy potent at the mg dose,so knowing it like your hand is a must,it also can be very addictive and has legality issues.

The doc who introduced it to the world is the one and same who did so with thorazine,and is known as the person who made the world change of finaly giving mental institutions a sceond option to barberic procedures and actualy for the first time begin to send people home.

He was certain that between gaba and doapmine lay many treatments to mood.

I look for alternatives constantly to replace this gaba effect which parnate doesent address or benzos,it is the beer affect of treating social avoidace,anger rage,social anxiety in terms of social forwadness,and so on.

Latetest attempt is camprel a drug that increases gaba and blocks glutamate,so far the drug has had no effect bad or good.

Sorry for the ramble hope in it i addressed all your questions.




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