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Re: SOCIAL ANXIETY / OCD/ ADHD CURE --100% streetsk8er794

Posted by Henry Miller on October 1, 2009, at 16:11:18

In reply to Re: SOCIAL ANXIETY / OCD/ ADHD CURE --100%, posted by streetsk8er794 on September 5, 2008, at 19:20:26

I've never tried Nardil my man, although I read somewhere that Barry Bonds used to take Nardil to bulk up and boost his confidence/reduce anxiety while at bat. After taking Nardil, his batting average went up drastically...go figure. I don't want to bulk up nor do I want to loose my sex drive so Nardil, although a beauty of a drug i'm sure, is a no go.

Don't want to mess with anything that effects my ability to write/creativity either. As for MAOIs, tried the EMSAM patch which worked brilliantly with a little KLONOPIN. It's just so dam expensive. 550 out of pocket. EMSAM is pretty bomb actually. I wish I could afford it. I tried regular selegilne and Zelpar(sublingual seleg) and they just don't cut it. Too much anxiety. I don't get anxiety with EMSAM and I imagine that's because it doesn't metabolize into l-amphetamine and it also seems to have a mild effect on serotonin(probably has a higher Cmax; higher concentrations of selegine in the blood). Cutting the EMSAM 6mg/24 in half was the dose that worked proper for me. I felt that it was the only med I needed and a little Klonopin (1mg/day) to take the edge off of course.

It's been a year since my last post and I will say that I'm doing well although my med regiment is slightly different now as my goals have changed:

Desoxyn is by far the best stim for social anxiety but boy do you have to be careful on it. It's rather disinhibiting and tends to make me feel like GOD, even at 5mg. Although attractive to some, it's not good to feel like GOD or think you can bounce bullets off your chest. You just have to be careful with that stuff and remind yourself that you are human...but what a great drug with the ladies...that Desoxyn. It's not that great for motivation though and getting work done.

So given that i'm in a writing phase, i've switched to GSX Dexedrine Spansules. I take 15 mg/day. To be honest, I actually prefer the Dex to any other stim i've taken but it has to be brand name. Essentially you get what you pay for in life and anything but BRAND (and that goes for almost all meds and supplements) is nose garbage. I was taking Barr Dex spansules and having all sorts of strange side effects but the GSX spansules are smooth; hardly notice i'm on medication.

I'm still on Namenda 20mg/day. I believe Namenda to be a wonder drug and that it will be widely prescribed at higher doses in the future. Amazing stuff. Been great for preventing amphetamine tolerance. My stim doses haven't changed. In fact, I often lower my dose. I only wish my doc would let me take 40mg/day b/c it shoots me into a hypomanic state and my writer's block dissipates like a f*rt in a windstorm.

Still on Aricept 10mg/day. Not sure what this does exactly but whenever I go off it, I don't feel quite as sharp so it must be doing something. I'll keep taking it as long as my insurance keeps covering it. Namenda is covered as well otherwise there is no way in hell i could afford these prima donna meds i'm on. I have Blue Cross Blue Shields of California in case you were wondering.

I dumped the liquid Zoloft and the Wellbutrin and replaced with 15mg of LAMICTAL(brand of course) 5mg chewable tablets 3x/day. I'm telling you, 15 mg of LAMICTAL actually works for me. This is the ultimate writers drug. My thoughts don't race yet I feel energized and full of ideas--that are actually good. I've been on LAMICTAL at much higher doses in the past, 200mg, and hated the stuff. Even 25 mg is too much for me. But at 15 mg, it brushes my seratonin receptors and calms me just enough. I feel great on LAMICTAL and my focus is even better than it was with just straight stims.

Still on Klonopin Wafers(generic). Had to go through 3 months of hell to get the wafers approved but finally Blue Shields caved and now they're just 10bucks for 120 .5mg wafers. The Generic klonopin in sub-par so i've had to raise the dose to 2mg/day. Still only need 1mg/day if the wafer is Brand but those, again, are ridiculously expensive.

There is something devastatingly wrong with health care; the fact that it is so difficult for so many to get the best treatment and so dam expensive. It's just not right or fair for those that can't afford these meds, simply b/c their insurance won't cover them. It all makes me sick b/c all the pharm companies care about is making money. Take home message: fight for the meds you want and you will eventually get them.

I have something called Celiacs Disease which makes me very sensitive to medications. That is the excuse that i have been using to get brand name meds approved b/c generics have fillers that contain lactose and gluten in them which i'm allergic to. Many people have celiacs and just don't know it. Get tested and by all means, tell your pdoc you have celiacs and see if your insurance will approve a brand med for you.

RECAP of my current regiment;

1x 15mg GSX Dexedrine Spansule
3x 5mg Lamictal chewable tabs
2x 10 mg Namenda
1x 10 mg Aricept
2-4x .5 mg Klonopin Wafer

Hope some of this helps.




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