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Re: Help

Posted by bleauberry on August 25, 2009, at 20:26:14

In reply to Help, posted by Alexanderfromdenmark on August 25, 2009, at 15:07:39

Wellbutrin is not viewed favorably as an antidepressant in most of the world because it did not pass their clinical trials convincingly. Why it did in the USA and nowhere else is a mystery. We could go for hours on the politics of how drugs get into the USA. Let's just say, it has some flaws.

Though I have seen some people do fantastic with Wellbutrin, for the most part, not. In the sporadic patient where it does work great, it doesn't seem to have lasting power for most of them.

If you want to try Wellbutrin, you are going to have to start smoking and then request it to stop smoking. They will prescribe it for that.

The statement that your physical symptoms are all in your head is not uncommon. Doctors who know what they are doing in terms of good bedside manners and in terms of medical skill would never say such a thing. That comment shows that particular doctor probably should not be a doctor. That clinician tarnishes the profession.

I don't know the way things are in your country so I do not know what options are available to you.

Can you see another doctor? If so, do so as fast as you can. A second opinion is always a good idea.

Can you mailorder meds from outside the country? I ask, because with a computer online you can easily order Parnate (Australia is a source) or Trivastal (antidepressnt dopamine agonist).

Can you buy herbs, such as St Johns Wort or Rhodiola Rosea? Both can be quite potent even in people who have failed many pharmaceutical drugs. This is evidenced at SJW forums where people with long sad psychiatric histories found magic in SJW or Rhodiola.

Who would ever think a herb could trounce a medicine? Well, it happens more than we think it does. In a nearby country, Germany, herbs for depression are prescribed first-line and far more frequently than medications. Germany is a leader in herbal research. I forget the exact number, but their prescriptions of SJW (it is a prescription in Germany) outnumbers Prozac at a rate of something like 6 to 1.

You are near Sweden, so you have access to the world's best Rhodiola (SHR-5 made by The Swedish Herbal Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden, SHR-5 is called Arctic Root). It is hard to find anyone who has tried it that did not find benefit from it. It was the most amazing ultra fast acting antidepressant I ever took. Life was all downhill after I couldn't get it in the USA anymore. If you are looking for dopamine stuff, Arctic Root is in that category. A randomized double blind placebo controlled study showed significant antidepressant activity in both dose groups of SHR-5 but no activity in the placebo group after a placebo run-in.

I have a feeling you will figure this out pretty quickly. A jerk doctor like that will serve to only make you stronger and more creative. The will to get better is very powerful. You have a lot of hope. I am cheering for you.




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