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Re: I 've given up hope

Posted by bulldog2 on May 30, 2009, at 16:53:51

In reply to Re: I 've given up hope, posted by bleauberry on May 30, 2009, at 14:32:53

> I think the problem with you and me and many of us is that we become consumed in a game of manipulating brain chemistry, without even a distant thought to what is causing the brain chemistry to be screwed. We don't even care what is impacting the brain. We just assume IT, the depression, is the brain.
> Ever had a hangover? It is kind of like depression? The chemical waste product of alcohol is the same one excreted by things like yeast and bacteria (Lyme or Clamydia for example). Not to mention ammonia, formaldahyde, and a couple dozen others common to unseen unsuspected infections. It's a toxic world. Amalgams, produce, meat, industrial air, amalgams our mother had...we consume a lot more pesticides, mercury, and lead, than did generations before us. And our diets are a lot worse, heavily based on sugar. In other words, I think recent generations have unknowingly created serious unseen unrecognized diseases that are far ahead of the medical profession's ability to see them, acknowledge that they exist, explore them, or treat them. The things I mentioned above, I believe, are extremely common, much more than anyone suspects, and all of them impact brain and hormonal chemistry profusely. It is no wonder to me that merely manipulating neurotransmitters doesn't do much good with many people.
> When it gets to be 5 years into treatment without much progress, one HAS to ask...what is the diagnosis that I missed? Sure, the diagnosis of depression was made, but that is just a cluster of symptoms...the visible part of an unseen disease. Depression is not the disease itself, it is only the visible sign of a hidden one.
> One cannot say, "I don't have yeast. There is no smell, no jock itch, no vaginal smell or infection, no acne, I don't have yeast." That is absurd. One cannot say, "I don't have Lyme". Because they don't know they don't have it any more than they know they do have it. One cannot say "I don't have a problem with heavy metals". How do you know?
> All I am saying is that when someone is treating a disease, any disease, for a long time and getting nowhere, pure logic says "revisit the diagnosis, something was missed".
> I think one reason we all get entrenched in the lopsided world of psych meds is because there is just enough success in it to lure us, kind of like the ocassional winning in Las Vegas. It keeps a lot of people playing, and losing.
> I think another reason we get entrenched in psychiatry and don't look for the real problem is because...we don't know how and neither do our doctors.
> But that doesn't mean we can't. Technology brings knowledge and science to our fingertips. We can weed through the vast field of knowledge and judge for ourselves what is hype and what is realistic, after we have seen both sides. We can do trial and error tests of different things the same as we blindly do with potent brain altering meds. It's funny, we are willing to subject our brain to a risky assault of a potent antipsychotic or antidepressant, but we wouldn't even think of trying Nystatin blindly to see if we have yeast or not. We wouldn't even think of taking DMSA to provoke any hidden heavy metals to show up in otherwise clean urine. But, we'll take every psych med in the world and care less about why we're sick.
> I'm just saying, there is a lot more to depression than the brain. The brain is the final pathway that is impacted by something else. It is up to us to read, research, ask questions, try things, and move forward. Back in the Civil War, all that doctors knew for bullet wounds was sulfur or amputation, with alcohol as the anesthetic. That was cutting edge medicine. Our modern doctors are just as primitive as that when it comes to treating the causes of depression.
> It is up to us to explore and try things. That is where hope comes from. Hope can be created by moving forward, by refusing to be stuck. If it has been 15 years, 20 years, whatever, on psych meds, is any more time really needed for someone to open one's eyes?
> "This poster is crazy. I don't have Lyme. I don't have parasites. I don't have leaky intestines. I don't have yeast. I don't have heavy metals. My thyroid is normal. My blood tests look good. I am not sick. They just haven't invented the right antidepressant for me yet." I can hear it already.

Maybe the answer is much simpler. Our society has evolved much faster than our brains have evolved. We basically have cave man brains living in this high tech society. We no longer have our psycholical needs met and we are deprived of stimuli that me need to thrive. A little more than a 100 years ago people lived on farms surrounded by the forest with in rural society. Not that some people didn't have depression but I believe more people than had healthy minds and were happy. Our new high tech society starves our minds of our basic needs.




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