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Atypical treatments for ADD?

Posted by TriedEveryDrug on March 29, 2009, at 10:31:14

I have ADD inattentive type and I'm wondering what other people have tried besides the standard stimulant therapy.

Here is a list of things I have tried and the results...

adderall (IR/XR) - great motivation and focus... on things I don't need to do. Makes me kinda dumb.

ritalin/focalin - similar to adderall, less euphoric feeling though.

desipramine - works wonders for my ADD. unfortunately exacerbates my SP, gives me GAD and make me very grouchy. I can stand it for about a month. Works the next day.

wellbutrin - works a little I think. Side effects always end making me quit it.

strattera - stuff is terrible. I wake up in the middle of the night on it, plus it makes me anxious and obsess about things. Just terrible.

Emsam - didn't seem to do much. Maybe I wasn't on it long enough (couple of weeks maybe). Felt a little weird on it.

guanfacine - I think this stuff works a bit. effect is very short lived. Seems to make me obsess less and painfully dumb tasks don't seem so bad.

abilify - tried this in a low dose w/ the despiramine and without. I think it might work a little bit even on its own. I had no side effects in the 2mg-4mg range.

phentermine - crap

requip - tried it for a couple of days, felt weird, stopped. Made me obsess.

effexor - works somewhat though makes me fatigued and LAZY. Seems ok for SP too.

pristiq - similar to effexor w/ less weird SEs.

cymbalta - just made me a space-case

lamictal + adderall - worked somewhat. weird weird side effects like being unable to read a map and strong anger flashes at nothing important.

Other TCAs - not much of an effect.

lexapro + wellbutrin - better than wellbutrin alone, though it set off my crohn's disease

provigil - made me chipper, though somewhat spacey.

I'm sure I missed a few.




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