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Re: Depakote for Anxiety Instead Of Benzos???? bleauberry

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 26, 2009, at 19:58:39

In reply to Re: Depakote for Anxiety Instead Of Benzos???? Phillipa, posted by bleauberry on March 26, 2009, at 19:27:49

> Well Phillipa, the next best thing to having an awesome LLMD is to know someone who is seeing one and learning from one.
> You would never guess which med it is that my LLMD finds very useful in his clinical practice for a wide range of things including pain, fatigue, sleep, anxiety, and even depression. You would never guess in a million years.
> It is not mentioned here often. When it is, it doesn't get rave reviews. Clinical studies are rather ho-hum.
> But in his practice with patients very much like you and me, the med that is so often very helpful is...Gabapentin (Neurontin)...with a has to be brand and not generic.
> So while you surf every day looking for the next greatest thing, most of which you don't have access to getting, Gabapentin fills the bill perfectly. That is something you could get fairly easily from any of your doctors. The difficult part would be getting the brand and not generic. You would have to request the doctor to write "medically necessary" on the prescription when specififying no generic substitutes.
> Of the antidepressants, the ones he has the most success with are Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, and sometimes Prozac.
> I wonder what would happen if you did a straight across swap to brand Zoloft from Luvox? Or, how about brand Luvox?
> In any case, put Gabapentin at the very top of your list. It is commonly used in Lyme, MS, bipolar, fibromyalgia, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and all the mysterious stuff you and me deal with. This suggestion is not based on science or my own personal opinion. It is based on what actually works with significant reliability in a real LLMD's practice.

LLMD, it's for the (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor
) ???

Phillipa, did you ever consult a Doctor to get the good diagnostic for the lyme disease??? I'm sure some test exist....

Neurontin...Generic or not, for just anxiety, general or social is not so helpfull... I swear the god tha my Family Doctor, who try it on me, told me that he never get any success with that med since it was launch a couple of years ago...but he said that he had more succees with the Lyrica...Strangely, I tries the two drugs...The Lyrica is easy to take because it have a more long half-life but that's so sedative...more than the Seroquel for me...I had 2 weeks round on it and it was enought...I didn'T wanted to feel and look like a zombie all day long...for me, feeling tired don't mean that I'm not anxious!!! That's the main difference between the Benzos drugs and the gaba-b type drug like Lyrica and Neurotin... Neurotin is annoying because of the many dose intakes a day...really short half-life...but less sedative, a way less sedative in fact!!! You have to try it and discover if you answer to it well or not, that's just what I have to say...I know that Neurontin will never be as powerfull as a benzos drugs to relieve the anxiety...

For the pain, that's another thing... The pins and needles effect is linked to the effect of the pain relief...I have big pain inside my belly because of my hernia that I got from my first surgery and it was nice just for relieve the pain from it...but not good for anxiety...even a 3600mg/day and it was the real one, not the generic... I read about the lyme disease on wikipedia and that's right...Gabaoentin is often used for the pain and resistant to the antibiotics...

Also, for the SSRI's I guess you try all of them... Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, that's all the same, just that the newer ones are more pures...and acts more directly on the SE and don't affect others neurotransmittors...Prozac is the most stimulant of all of them...getting a lot of people with SAD and general anxiety with a more bigger problem than before they start the drug... Around 30mg I was feeling so sick... I think it was the first time in my life that I wanted to kill myself...and trust me, I never think about suicide before... so avoid it... The Paxil is somewhat sedative and make you eat the whole fridge...perfect if you need to gain weight...but that's not for me... Zoloft do nothing, even at the maximum side-effect, just the weight gain...same for the celexa...and the worst of these three is the Lexapro...I don't know why I react badly to it cause it's the same thing than the Celexa, they just remove inactive ingredient...but it's when I begin to experienced the worst daytime sedation problem of my life...and it's when all the things seem to begin to detoriate more also... that's all...Some works on people, others don't... I guess the SE is not a problem on me...but that's just me...I always answer not very well to the meds who act mostly to the SE...

So put the Neurotin in the top of your list as the last person to post suggest to you...I think the true one is not very expensive...well in the Canada...not a small difference between the generic and the true...

Give me some news about it ok!!!


VIncent ;-)




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