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Re: My most BIZARRE SIDE effect. What is/was YOURS

Posted by Extreme on March 8, 2009, at 5:51:36

In reply to Re: My most BIZARRE SIDE effect. What is/was YOURS, posted by Incubusfan on March 7, 2009, at 12:01:13

Bensos in the past (no idea why that cool effect arnt around today - I miss it):

Enhanced vision on the edge to something "facet-like" - specielly when looking at crowds or traffic or whenever several objects moved at the same time (I must say I never DROVE a car under the influence - never had a drivers license, less could drive). The stronger benso - the stronger visual enhancment. This strange side effect was almost THE first effect I felt after taking benso, appeared very instlantly some 17-20 minutes after taking benso and peaking in about 2 hours then to slowly fade away in the "benso-mist".

Effexor XR:

Lost all identifiable feelings on one dose (75 mg) - facial expressions and voice-pattern vanished on others - could have robbed a bank in that state but lucky I was still owning some logic. The day after I panicked due to a time of some hour with something that felt like a beginning of parkinsons... there were cramps flowing around in my body, seemed to come from the stomach-IBS (had it for some years) and then spread to my arms and legs. One week on that thing and I would be dead for sure.


Music was simply pointless to listen to... everything sounded "flat" even my favourite music.

Lergigan on 50 mg (last time I took it - its a simple Histamine-1 blocker for sleeping/allergies etc):

A spider was constantly in my field of vision when looking at walls (seemed to sit on the walls). It was not trying to attack me or something, rather it seemed to search for its web with it legs, minding his own buisness all the time. One time when observing this litttle creature a GIANT "microbe-like" thing "swam" past my field of vision... never to be seen again. Today I know what these things were... they are a less common side effect from the anti-histamines which have connections to the cholinergic nerve system. Often I got strange "shadows" appearing in my field of vision when looking at something distant when taking other antihistamines. But this with the spider and the microbe-thing was so far out. I wondered when it had passed (the spider was there for some 8 hours)... where were those creatures?! In my mind? In some other dimension? Well.. at least they didnt chase me... they didnt even notice me. Such animals dont and thats the strange part... hallucinations as in dreams dreams often tend to attack you or bother you in some way.. these guys minded their own buisness, they were there behaving as they would in real life. (btw.. I dont suffer from hallucinations otherwise)

Well.. there is the most bizarre. Simple to say... I have never dared to try another SSRI/SNRI/whatever since the effexor incident... the only Ad im gonna try in the future is valdoxan. Yea, also antihistamines are not on my wish-list... the spider and the microbe didnt attack me or bother me but it was kinda WEIRD to see them.

Oh btw! The thread-creator (why cant i see the name from here)... that SEEMS like an episode of sleep paralysis, something that I have every now and then in my life.. sometimes bensos make them more severe or stronger.




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