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Re: Short-term med tactic needed garnet71

Posted by bleauberry on February 8, 2009, at 16:25:46

In reply to Re: Short-term med tactic needed bleauberry, posted by garnet71 on February 7, 2009, at 16:30:23

> I'm seeing a new endo next week and will ask for tests;

With overall jaded views of today's medical profession, I am not too keen on endos. They are well-meaning, they serve an awesome role for diabetics and clearcut thyroid diseases, but are bound by their profession's rigid way of viewing things. For example, a "normal" thyroid range is extremely broad. Someone can be in the normal range, yet have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, and respond robustly to thyroid augmentation. But with an endo, the opportunity to try that would not be likely to happen. After all, "Your tests are normal, I have spoken." In the situation that something does indeed show up in testing, it could very likely be a manisfestation of a different disease. A result of something else. Treat it and feel better, but not be cured as the other disease is allowed to progress even worse.

> I had mentioned in other posts about the possibility of Lyme; I found a tick in me once, and on many occasions, had done military exercises in the woods in a high-Lyme area in such a way that you would be in contact with the ground and brush regularly and also changing in and out of chemical warfare suits/uniforms, so I wouln't be surprised if there were more ticks I never found or noticed due to the circumstances of military exercises.

Clearly there is a history of tick exposure. A tick found in you once is all it takes. One dose and sick for a lifetime. Until treated. Being in a Lyme area is also significantly suggestive all by itself even without knowledge of a tick attachment.

> yes, the feeling hungover w/o drinking has been going on for quite some time, ehanced by xxRI use. Last summer, PDoc put me back on Effexor; symptoms were the worst ever - to the point where my joints were swollen and it was very painful, although intermittent, and I ended up accomplishing barely anything at all during the entire summer. Could not work or do much. Motivation at all time low. Went to rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia becuase he couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

Yeah, I despise those names...fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. It is basically a polite way of saying "We have no idea what is wrong with you, but we'll give it a name anyway." The symptoms fit a broad cluster and is given a name.

Most Lyme sufferers had these types of diagnosis before they ever saw an Lyme Literate MD, and most of them lost their symptoms with antibiotic treatment. Go figure, antibiotics can cure fibromyalgia and, CFS, and MS? Makes me wonder why only maybe a few hundred MDs recognize this when it should be thousands.

My LLMD even admits that when those symptoms are present but no alternative cause can be found by examination and lab tests, then a trial of antibiotics is not only diagnostic, but most often curative. He told me one patient who appeared like Lyme, but the person's symptoms had begun weeks after getting scratched on a barnacle on a pier. An ongoing rash at that scratch was suspect. A trial of antibiotics and all symptoms resolved. It wasn't Lyme, but it was Lyme-like, and there are lots of things like that. Luckily, a select group of antibiotics cover most of them regardless what they are. Many cured people may never know exactly what it was that made them sick, only that they got better on antibiotics when dozens of other doctors and meds failed.

>When I went for the exam, no joints were But my symptoms were just like rheumatoid arthritis, according to the websites. But because my Xrays came back ok and arthritis tests negative, along with not seeing my swollen joints, Dr. couldnt make a conclusion, although he was one of the better ones I had seen and took time to think about my situation. When I quit the Effexor, the joint swelling and pain went away and never came back.

I have a theory. Purely my own. That is, most antidepressants have some positive function on immune function. When pathogens are killed off in high numbers, there is a Herx response...that is, general worsening of symptoms, often dramatic, with entire body inflammation. Could it be that an antidepressant boosts the immune system enough to cause that? I think it does. I have furuncles now many years unsuccessfully treated. A normal immune system should kill them off in no time. Well, when I tried Lexapro, guess what, they went away in days, along with feeling like total crap and a lot more depressed. I blamed it on Lexapro. Now I wonder. I think it was a Herx response. I was killing a lot of stuff as evidenced by that longtime infection disappearing so fast. And then there was Wellbutrin. First couple days, no prob. By the third day I was in the deepest darkest place...but those furuncles were gone. Another Herx reaction? Sounds like you and me experience the same things, blamed as a bad reaction to a med, but in fact probably the intoxication of lots of toxins secreted from dying organisms. And it probably needed an antibiotic to get over the hump. Our immune systems alone couldn't do it.

Whatever the case, you had systemic inflammation on those meds, which points to a dysfunctional immune system and its over-reaction to something that is not a threat. And that points to a Lyme, Lyme-like, or yeast infection.

> What really distracted me was when you mentioned Candida. I recently posted about a lucid dream I had where i envisioned a 2-word phrase with the word Candida.
> Of course I couldn't help but mention this. This dream was probably 5 years ago, but not sure. Doesn't yogurt destroy Candida? Could it be that simple?

Yogurt does not destroy Candida. Candida is actually tough to get rid of. There are powerful herbs such as Pau'D Arco and Grapefruit Seed Extract that are deadly to Candida. And medicines such as Nystatin. They feed on sugars and grains. A Candida diet is helpful when taking those herbs or meds, as it steals their food. They multiply very fast and are opportunists. If there isn't enough friendly bacteria, Candida quickly takes over that property. That's where yogurt and probiotic supplements come in. As Candida killers are consumed, and a Candida diet is implemented, yogurt and probiotics fill the void so that the quickly multiplying Candida have no place to settle in. Yogurt by itself is helpful but in no way curative.

> The brain fog got much worse with recent retry of Wellbutrin. I thought maybe because it was the generic version that I had not tried previously. The Zoloft made the brain fog worse, but when I added Wellbutrin, it was 5 times worse.
> My health food store is giving a live blood analysis on Feb. 11th, and if i can get an appt., I was thinking of going. I just don't trust it, wondering if its a scam and the person doing the test is just going to show me the normal bacterias or whatever everyone has in their systems then try to sell me products to mitigage the 'results'. I guess for $35, it would be worth the risk. It's done by a CNHP specialist.
> I also got a referral for a Lyme specialist from the Lyme foundation, but it's an hour and a half away - to see an internist. It's so hard when you don't have money, like many of us here who are contending with chronic mental health issues. If i had the money, I would be going to all sorts of doctors and specialists. I think I'm going to wait on the Lyme guy, just put that possibility in the back of my mind for now.

Perseonally, just opinion, I would put the Lyme guy at the top of list. If someone has to take a backseat, make it the Endo and the Pdoc. Keep in mind too, based on what I've heard from other LLMD patients and my own, these MDs are quite expert at a wide variety of subjects, as so many multisystemic problems arise in Lyme or Lyme-like diseases. LLMDs are often expert on endo stuff, psych stuff, diet stuff, and the whole picture, and likely more so than the individual specialists we might see.


> But yeah, this is it in a nutshell:
> "Anxiety is also a top symptom. Really tired, foggy, hungover, just not with it, and yet at the same time there is unprovoked inner anxiousness."

Looks mysterious...on the surface. In context with all of your symptoms, history, and reactions, it is actually quite a "significantly suggestive" presentation. From a purely logical point of view, it makes a lot more sense than anything else that has crossed your path.




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