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Re: Short-term med tactic needed Neal

Posted by garnet71 on February 7, 2009, at 11:11:21

In reply to Re: Short-term med tactic needed, posted by Neal on February 7, 2009, at 1:56:54

> quick thoughts-
> -you went off meds under Pdoc supervision?
> -if not, make sure a Pdoc knows what your doing.
> -The anxiety could be cause you went off meds. Just a possibility to think about. "Sometimes" going off can give a temporary good feeling, but is temporary.
> -don't drink anything with caffeine.
> -the alcohol not very good idea as, what happens when you stop the alcohol?


Thanks for helping me out here, Neal. I'm currently in between doctors. I wasn't comfortable with the last PDoc I tried. It was the initial visit and his rapport was like father/child, although I presented myself as a calm, rational, mature person. He wrote me a script for Lamictal and didn't even hint to what my diagnosis *could* be or why he was giving me this particular med or what its side effects could be. I asked questions, but the only answer were vague then "call me if you get a rash". Maybe he is the best doctor in terms of competency, for all I know, but our initial visit was only about 10 to 15 minutes. Most of his questions were about my family history; I did't get a chance to even tell him my own psych history. So with the combination of those variables, I sure as hell wasn't going to take a new line of meds without finding a new PDoc appt. first.

Prior to him, I saw new PDoc roughly 4 times. Initially, he took me from nothing to 150 mg Zoloft, then next visit 450 mg of Wellbutrin in one day. That was a big red flag. I did follow his instructions and tapered on instead. By the 4th visit, I told him I couldn't tolerate the symptoms of xxRIs any longer. (And this was the case for a few years prior but was seeking treatment again for anxiety). When I said I couldn't tolerate the side effects and risk losing my job and failing out of school. He said "what do you want me to do"? I said I didn't know that's why I was here to see him. This is where I sought new PDoc, Lamictal guy, above.

I have new appointment with old PDoc (really just PNurse visits), I think next week. I have to find the little piece of paper with the appt. lol. I do have an appointment calendar.

In response to your other post, this forum has nothing to do with my decision to quit or start taking any medication.

Alcohol would only be a last resort to prevent nervous breakdown that could possibly result from escalating panic attack with no relief.

I'm hoping the anxiety will dissipate. Actually, out of the past 2 or 3 years or so, the best i ever did was the last 1 1/2 months of this past summer. I had been med free for a couple of months prior and still not at my best, but gradually, I had no symptoms and was so level, normal, calm, motivation gradually increased, stable-physically and mentally-it was unbelievable. At this time, my life did slow down quite a bit and I didn't have to do heavy mental work (so ADD symptoms and cognitive problems would not come into play). I was cooking everything from scratch--beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish, some lean meats. My weight went down at a good pace, I started looking much better. It seemed my body just came to equilibrium. I was also taking care of myself more and allowing myself time to garden, paint, working on the house, relax, etc. That only lasted about a month.

I was doing so well, then the anxiety just came back right before school started up again.

Thanks for your advice.

ps I have no sense of time so if it seems I am contradicting myself with time frames, etc., that is why




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