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Re: i think i need to take sulpiride 3 times a day ins

Posted by Racer on August 29, 2008, at 10:58:03

In reply to Re: i think i need to take sulpiride 3 times a day ins, posted by Jeroen on August 29, 2008, at 2:38:34

Jeroen, this may sound obvious, but what are you trying to treat? Sometimes if one is more specific about the symptoms one is trying to address, it helps clarify the whole picture.

For example, when I say, "I want to treat my depression," I mean something different from what, say, SLS might mean. But if I say, "I want to treat the anhedonia part of my depression," it's probably more similar to what SLS might mean by the same thing. Does that make sense?

I know you're trying to treat something you're describing as "psychosis" -- but psychosis is a very general term. It can include hallucinations, delusional beliefs, disorganized thinking, etc. If your diagnosis is schizophrenia -- I don't remember if you've really said? I think you said something about it recently, but my memory isn't so great right now. A number of different disorders listed in the DSM and the ICD include psychosis as a symptom, and treatments for those disorders may be very different.

Sometimes the picture is very unclear. For example, the impairment in your life could lead to situational distress that mimics Major Depressive Disorder, but might not actually be MDD. That can make it harder to figure out. But the more specific you can be with the symptoms you're trying to treat, the more likely you are to see something you might have missed -- including improvements from medications that you hadn't noticed before.

Also, I know you attribute a lot of your symptoms to Lamictal, but a bad response to Lamictal does not mean that you're not bipolar. It only means that you had a bad reaction to Lamictal. (And I agree with Yxibow -- if the Lamictal really did *cause* a psychotic reaction, I'd expect the psychosis to resolve once you were off the drug. It may be that taking the Lamictal correlated in time to the psychosis, but was otherwise unrelated. Especially since I seem to remember you only took it for a few days.)

I hope you're aware by now that I care what happens to you, and I really wish you the very best. My question about specifics is meant to be helpful -- if you think it's not helpful to you, please ignore it and forgive me. And please keep in mind my good wishes and intentions.

Best luck, Jeroen. I hope things turn around for you very soon.




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