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Re: Why Would One Feel Extremely Tired Cutting Down Be johnj

Posted by okydoky on July 25, 2008, at 14:15:58

In reply to Re: Why Would One Feel Extremely Tired Cutting Down Be, posted by johnj on July 5, 2008, at 12:48:07

I come to this board with little knowledge and am sad that yet another who could potentially help me chooses to stop posting here.

I wish you all the best and hope you come back occationally for your own benefit.

I dont even know philipa but I im pretty certain if this were a less strictly enforced board there would be a flamewar going on.

I do not see the course of this thread having any resemblance to the above comment.

I have noticed a lot of what people are posting about here and was unsure what to say about it ALL. In my humble opinion as much as some of what was posted here might hurt my feelings I was astounded at the amount of input these people have for Phillipa and how they were trying to help her or you if you are reading this. No one here seemed to be saying anything for their own personal benefit but specifically for the benefit of Phillipa. I know none of us here (perhaps there is some exception) know each other face to face but these people acted like close friends that after much observation, on a site designated for mutual support and education decided it would benefit Phillipa more to discuss what MANY have seen as a problem for her forseveral years instead of ignoring the large amount of postings and keeping silent as people who do not care or strangers would do. I understand Phillipa getting somewhat defensive.

I think defensiveness shows an unwillingness to listen and for those of us that do this we loose the benefit from those that put themselves out to help us. Again in my humble opinion I think it is entirely inconsistent with you posting all the time and expecting others to listen to you as well as disrespectful to us on the board who are taking the time and effort to extend a helping hand.

I dont think any of this was remotely funny:That made me laugh so hard!, or do I believe anyone was attempting to be personally hostile to you. Concerning people coming to your defense, well I would first have to believe there was something to defend. Disagreeing with what people are posting is one thing but I do not read anything defensible. Making the pretense that it is all laughable defeats the purpose of most of the posts that were trying to provide constructive criticism.
As an aside. I once asked my friend to tell me when I was talking too much. I noticed I never shut up only after the fact when it was too late. He pulls me aside occasionally and tells me I am talking too much. I feel very hurt and humiliated at first but he is trying his best to be my friend even at his own expense. I have learned to appreciate his doing this even at times when I think he has gone too far and is more concerned with his own appearance having come to the group with me and his being so very shy.

With this thread I feel enable to say the following:
I have been on and off this board since 2003 I believe. I have worried at times that I was being a nuisance and others a "PITA" (pain in the**). Occasionally when I have posted I have not gotten a response. Other times someone babble's me with helpful suggestions and/or extends a helping hand suggesting they are available to talk. I think I abuse the effort. I do not mean to. I am long winded and very needy. I occasionally use this way too socially as I have become somewhat agoraphobic and have a problem with the need for constant validation, reassurance and support. I apologize for myself with sincerity and great embarrassment.

So you see I have my own problems. I have felt I have been observed like this for a while and if it is so I only wish people would have been critical of me befor eit gets out of hand. Perhpas more in private but I do not knw th ehistory her except this thread.

You have reached out to me a lot Phillipa and I appreciate it. It had become overwhelming to me though.




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