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Re: Fatigue after eating?

Posted by Mimim on July 17, 2008, at 14:02:37

In reply to Re: Fatigue after eating?, posted by CougarAZ on July 16, 2008, at 19:40:02

> HERE IS YOUR ANSWER to FATIGUE AFTER EATING. I had the same problem and when I'm not careful it raises it's ugly head. It's called insulin sensitivity. You need to be diagnosed by an endrochrinologist. Tell them what you suspect and ask them to perform the tests.
> The cure: Don't eat carbohydrates. Eat very low glycemic foods. There is a small pocket book that you can carry with you to measure the GI of foods called New Glucose Revolution: Shopper's guide to GI Values 2008. Don't eat anything over a reading of 50. You can also do a refine the culprit foods by getting a glucose monitor and eat an large portion of just one food at a sitting (all by itself) then after waiting the appropriate length of time (and when you start to feel sleepy) take a reading. You'll find out the foods that make you sleepy. Stay away from them and you'll be fine. There is no pill or quick fix. Eliminating the foods that spike your blood sugar (which causes the sleepiness) will eliminate the sleepiness. After 30 days you should have it under control.
> If you don't control your diet it will eventually turn into diabetis. I found that if I mistakenly eat something that makes me feel sleepy I sometimes can counter act the sleepiness by immediately eating some protein and walk briskly for 15 minutes. Both of those will bring down the spike in blood sugar which the offending foods just caused.
> There was a Doctor I consulted with 25 years ago, long before the work Insulin Sensitivity was coined. His name is Theron Randolph. He is now deceised. He felt depression, sleepiness or Chronic Fatigue was caused by food allergies. He was on the right track...but it's the High Glycemic Foods that cause your sleepiness, depression and CFS and a host of other diseases. There are a great many books written on Insulin Sensitivty: Syndrom X, Sugar Blues, The best book I hqave found is the New Glucose Revolution. The best diet that most closely controls our problem is the Southbeach Diet. I've been on a modified version of it for 6 months. The dietitian I was referred to, told me to eat beans, sweet potatos or brown Rice combined with protein and green veggies. She too, was on the right track, but beans, sweet potations and brown rice all make my bood sugar go up to around 200. So even she did not know what she was talking about. Eliminating most all carbohydrates from my diet is extremely difficult, but is the ONLY cure for this disease. The benefit was I 15 pounds in 6 months.
> You have to figure this all out for yourself. I still get very sleepy after some meals, like this morning: I ate 2 gluten free waffles with Ricotta cheese and lots of blue berries. After a morning far away from my books, I had all I could do to keep my eyes open. When I got home I looked in the GI book and discovered 2 pancakes combines with lots of blueberries takes me way over the 30 gr. of allowable carbohydrates that you are allowed at each meal. Now if I eat just one waffle I'm OK. If I want another I must wait 3 hours do I don't go over the 30 grams of carbs allowed every 3 hours. Every time I get sleepy, I can usually find the culprit by looking everying I just digested in my GI values book...and sure enough one of the foods I just ate, or a combination of different foods (like fruit combined with cheese and rice) or Potatoes with rice and peas) or (pizza, bread and grains which are big culprits unless you only eat a slice - but it takes 2 to make a sandwich)will send you to you bed in about 10 minutes.
> Good luck and once you try this and find out things I might not be aware of, please post.
> I haven't learned all there is to know yet...I'm still struggling. I don't know anyone else who suffers from this as badly as I do. I spent years and years going to general practitions, nutritionists, alternative medicine doctors.....about 5 years ago I went to an endrochrinologist and told him what I suspected and he told me I needed a psychiatrist.
> But just about 5 months ago, when I thought I was going to die from too much fatigue, sleepiness etc, I looked in the phone book for a Female endrochrinologist from India who I believe to be the best doctors in the world. She suspected what was wrong with me after talking to me for 10 minutes. Her blood tests confirmed it: Insulin Sensitivity. The East Indian doctors are better schooled than the USA my recommendation is to find a female East Indian Endrochrinologist to either find out if IS is the culprit or pre-diabetis or none of the above.

I went to see an endocrine, did some tests(5hr glucose tolerance test), and found out that I too have Insulin Sensitivity. Right now I am working on the carb/protein ratio. Just as you said, it works when I get it right. The problem is that I play sports-need a lot of carbs.

I have been struggling with this thing for over 2 years now. IS made me measearable. I lost 20lbs in the process-I am so skinny! I hope I get it under control. Because if IS, host of other deseases invaded. High blood pressure, frequent colds, and depression. I am slowly getting better though.

The only other problem is lack of sleep. I have to re-learn how to sleep. I spent so many sleepless nights wondering what was wrong with me. The doctor said that lack of sleep does not help at all. I REALLY HOPE THAT I RECOVER FROM THIS! My life sucked in the last 2 years(still does). Best of luck everyone fighting this.




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