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Re: FDA SAYs Seizure Meds May Or Can Lead to Suicide linkadge

Posted by Bob on June 28, 2008, at 17:19:49

In reply to Re: FDA SAYs Seizure Meds May Or Can Lead to Suicide, posted by linkadge on June 27, 2008, at 11:49:36

> They only ever claim to treat the symtpoms of depresson. They kind of work as emotional anesthetics. Somtimes they take your mind off of the real issues. The brain also adjusts biochemically to their actions. Many people who quit go through long periods where their mood is worse than when they started the medications. Some of the AD's are diabetogenic, they can supress and disrupt normal sleeping patterns. Most of them are neuroendocrine disruptors. Some tend to elevate cortisol even after long term use.

Those are all valid points as far as I'm concerned. The AD's have plenty of problems.

> Again, I can't speak for everbody, but I was on meds then when I came off of them I felt worse than normal for about 5 years (just about as long as I was on them). If you're on a drug for a month, it takes a month to get of it.

You are fortunate to have been able to stay away from them for 5 years. I don't think I am capable of that.

> If they work for you then all the better. I have found some alternatives that keep me afloat for longer stretches. Again, I am not against meds cause I have, and may use them again. I just don't think they're all their cracked up to be. For me, they tend to work well for about the first month, then I just turn into a zombie. At that point I'd rather be depressed.

I think that things such as AD's and ECT are painted in a positive light for three basic reasons; 1- there is a segment of the population who actually responds to them (at least in the short term), 2- big pharma is real, real good at putting them in the best possible light, 3- there is nothing else for people to turn to, save diet and self-help books.

I responded well to a couple of the AD's in the very short term, but now it's not so good any more. Still, I might be dead with nothing.

> Exactly. I've been hospitalized twice. They just give you meds there. I usually fake feeling better so that I can get out and get off meds.

I fear the hospital, because once there I've relinquished all control to someone who isn't intimately familiar with my situation and who's only real goal is to get me out of the facility in the least amount of time possible for the least cost to all involved.

> Most of what people are getting now is really experimental. Most anticonvulsants are have not been systematically evaluated for mood disorders. Some of them have big risks. Kidney stones, liver dammage, kidney damamge, neurotoxicity, diabeties. Its not good. Half the stuff they push they wouldn't ingest themselves.

Yes there are many dangerous meds out there with drawbacks and trade-offs, but sometimes people have no other options. It's very unfortunate.

> Anyhow, sometimes I'd rather be mentally ill then physically ill. Cause if the meds dammage your body then, you've still got depression and then collateral.

It's not the depression per se that brings me back to meds, but the unbelievable anxiety and suicidality. In the end, I'm not ready to die yet. If one's mental illness is of a nature that allows them to limp along without meds, that may be a good way to go.

> Linkadge




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