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Re: linkadge

Posted by cumulative on November 24, 2007, at 0:20:52

In reply to Re: linkadge, posted by linkadge on November 23, 2007, at 19:55:49

>It seems to me to be kind of ironic that on one hand sombody should believe that they are so deficiant in motivation chemicals (ie dopamine), yet on the other they are so motivated to get a particular treatment that they are willing to fake the symptoms of a serious disorder to get a particular treatment.

Nonsense. It can be hard to get up and get to the doctor, but even with poor motivation when you pour all your energy into something you can get it done. Often that's still not enough energy or motivation to be functional. Depressives tend to dwell on their depression -- hence the intense, some would say somewhat aspergers-like knowledge of pharmacology that some people here have.

Your reasoning is deeply circular, and designed to defend the institution.

>Doctors take many things into consideration when decidion whether or not to presrcibe a certain treatment.

Right. Like which drug company reps are giving them the best kickbacks. That's why SSRIs, barely better than placebo, are used so widely; why dangerous, poorly researched antipsychotics are all the rage.

>Two dopamine agonists were recently pulled from the market for their propensity to induce severe cardiac valve dammage.

These are ergoline derivative dopamine agonists, of which piribedil and pramipexole are not, a fact that is easily discerned from about two minutes of research.

>Could you imagine if you sustained life threatening valve damage from the treatment of a disorder one faked?

Not relevant here at all. Secondly, it's up to the PERSON to do their OWN RESEARCH if they're doing something like this, because it's their body and their mind.

>There is more to a doctors decision than simply "will this treatment work or not".

Too bad most pdocs I've met are idiots.

>If you think your doctors decision is incompetent, I'd advise getting a second opinion.

Sucks for those of us living in rural areas.

>Another issue is that when dealing with psychoactive drugs, it is impossible to acurately asess the integrity of a patients logic, when making such decisions.

Paternalist claptrap.

>For instance, patients who fake pain symptoms to get opiates may believe that their actions are justified, but in the bigger picture, their actions are not justified

I strongly disagree. When nothing else has worked, it's an excellent idea to try for a sustainable supply of opioids -- very effective antidepressant, antimanic, antianxiety agents. You are blinded by ideology.




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