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Don't Underestimate the Cause of Our Condition

Posted by bleauberry on October 9, 2007, at 19:17:48

Two words. Heavy metals.

Mercury. Childhood vaccinations, present or past amalgams, amalgams under crowns, environment.

Lead. Environment. Cigarettes.

Antimony. Fire retardant in clothes, bedsheets and towels.

Cadmium. Environment. Cigarettes.

Copper. Genetics, genetics+vitamins that have copper, copper water pipes.

Mercury and lead stay where they are for life, occupying the spaces where neurotransmitters, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and minerals are supposed to be.

Where do metals like to reside? Not the blood. Not the urine. They seek brain, adrenal gland, thyroid gland, pituitary, hypothalamus, intestines, nervous system. Where they quietly prevent vital life functions while in hiding.

Typical symptoms are psychiatric and usually diagnosed as multiple schlerosis, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, foggy headed, ADHD, multiple chemical sensitivities, multiple food sensitivities, autism (incredible success stories abound of autistic children healing astronimically with specific metal detox chelation methods) and many more. People may have one or several. Genetics play a huge part in how well people excrete or hold on to metals, as well as how people are sensitive or somewhat immune.

Testing is tricky. Few doctors know how. Few doctors even believe heavy metals are involved in anything unless someone is clearly recently intoxicated and in the emergency room.

Amalgam Illness could very well be the best next drug you try, even though it is a book instead of a drug. Scientific, medical, yet written for you and me. If in doubt about anything I say here, please I beg you to visit at least half a dozen of the forums out there on heavy metal chelation. Search the web for excerpts of the book. I do not know the author or have anything to do with the book. Second only to my real Bible, it is a kind of bible for anyone who is ill enough to end up at psychobabble.

These things contribute to psychiatric conditions...light exposure, diet choices, exercise choices, jobs, marriages, childhoods, genetics, addictions, etc. They do not outrightly cause psychiatric stuff in a way that throws so many bodily functions out of whack. Heavy metals do.

A total stranger came up to my wife in church and said she knew of my problems and she knew that my silver fillings were the cause. A total stranger. God spoke. I am merely passing it along.

After that, I continued with my drug search, hope after hope, drug after drug, ECT, side effects after side effects, titrating after titrating, weaning after weaning, augmenting after augmenting, withdrawal after withdrawal, days, weeks, months, years. Actually 2 years later after that lady spoke, it became apparent through specific physical exams, symptoms, hair tests, and blood tests, that I was indeed mercury and lead toxic. For 2 years I had refused to believe the nonsense of heavy metals. I was absolutely totally convinced the next drug was the answer. The phsycical, blood, and hair tests would have looked mostly normal to any doctor. But with the patterns discussed in the book, they were quite revealing and strongly diagnostic.

There are good days. There are bad days. Chelation done wrong is dangerous. Almost all doctors do it wrong. Most sources on the internet do it wrong. One method is trustworthy. By "wrong", "dangerous", or "trustworthy", I mean verifiable by talking to those who have done different methods at various chelation forums and Clear patterns are obvious. It is a roller coaster to get there. But none more than what you have already experienced. You would never imagine you could feel that good without any drug at all. The good days are better than you can ever remember, the bad days are familiar to you, as the good days begin to outnumber the bad. The metals do not leave the cells without a fight.

Just a guess. As a 10 year vet of psychobabble, it is my true honest to God hunch that 75% of us actually have heavy metal toxicity as the true single one-and-only underlying cause of every torture we endure. It doesn't matter if you've had low level chronic hidden unsuspected exposure for years, or whether you had several exposures decades ago as a child, those metals are still there wreaking quiet hidden havoc in ways that would stun you.

If this helps just one person on a new road to true healing, I am ever so grateful. Nothing on this planet causes the kind of psychiatric struggle seen at psychobabble as do heavy metals.

Do not underestimate heavy metals as the cause of your condition. All we suffer is actually a slow death, not an illness. It can be stopped and reversed. Merely treating symptoms, increasing serotonin, antagonizing dopamine, blocking glutamate, or whatever, aint gonna do it. Those are battles that go on and on and on. Thankfully, a few people, very few, do get lucky. That happens in Las Vegas too.

Two words. Heavy metals.

One word. Curative.




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