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Re: not reversible damage because of ssri treatmen

Posted by mike lynch on September 27, 2007, at 17:44:02

In reply to Re: not reversible damage because of ssri treatmen mike lynch, posted by bleauberry on September 26, 2007, at 20:10:45

> Getting the medical community to admit they've been injuring people would be about as difficult as getting mainstream dentists to admit mercury is bad. To prove these things would take huge dollars. They have no interest to either prove their own wrong doing or spend that kind of money. Anyone else wanting to prove something likely does not have the financial backing.
> A few centuries ago everyone KNEW the earth was flat. A couple decades ago everyone KNEW ulcers were caused by stress. And plenty more examples. You can think of some. Just think what we will find out about what we KNOW now in years to come.
> > > My doctor told me SSRIs cause longterm damage in the way the body metabolizes tryptophan into serotonin. I was also shown photos of neurotransmitter receptors after months of SSRI exposure and the dendrites on them were all shriveled up and deformed, and the outer sheath of cells gets damaged. Not sure if the damage is long lasting, permanent, or curable. Doc says there are protocols to repair such damage that involve high doses of the phospholipids phosphatydyl serine, phos.inositol, phos.acetylcoline and a couple others I didn't recognize. At the very least, fish oil and flax oil can help. Gingko biloba, st johns wort, or acetyl-l-carnitine have been reported to repair and grow new brain cells.
> > >
> > > In any case, my doctor does prescribe SSRIs as a last resort, but he says they are neurotoxic. I agree that evidence of this is probably being downplayed or suppressed. After all, the kind of research to conclusively prove damage would be expensive, and the only people with that kind of money are the people that make the drugs. It is not exactly in their best interest I would not think.
> >
> > What? was he a medical doctor? Do you have any scientific articles, evidence to back this up? I ask this because I believe my brain was permanently damaged by ssri's because of several disturbances that have not returned to normal after quiting. And I have yet to see anything about the medical community acknowledging any brain damage, and i've been searching for years to see some acknowledgment that you are never the same after these drugs..
> >
> > And are you sure the photos weren't of rats

I appreciate that and agree with it too some extent. But I don't think you're doctor had these secret studies that proved ssri's caused brain damage. Because no such studies exist. IMO the level that ssri's damage is too deep to show up on any scans we are currently capable of doing. No tests can measure neurotransmitters, and if they're damaged or not.




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