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Re: Still no cure for my depression - tried everyt

Posted by linkadge on August 31, 2007, at 13:40:36

In reply to Re: Still no cure for my depression - tried everyt, posted by jhj on August 30, 2007, at 6:31:55

>surprising.I am living human being and i am >saying that my problems started in childhood >despite having good childhood,leaving in healthy >environment,being sound financially and eating >good food,i have developed these problems.In >fact,when i started understand things when i was >around 5-6 years old,one of the first things i >understood was that i am abnormal kid and >something is wrong with me and it has proved to >be the fact.I do not know if this according to >you is only hint but in my opinion it is >conclusive proof that it was biological.

I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything they don't want to believe. All I am saying is that some people can become convinced of things that there is really little proof of.

An example is when people come on the board saying things like "I am dopamine deficiant". I am sure it all seems justified in their mind.

>Scientist have identified many genes responsible >for depression.

No they havn't. They have found genes that are associated with depression in certain persons. They find genes that are of higher frequency in patients with depression. This doesn't mean that the gene is responsable, or that the gene has any predictive validity of illness. There is a lot of genetic research compilations on But for every genetic association, you're likely to find an equally well designed study showing no association.

>But,it is not caused by one gene.It is due to >the complex effect of verious genes each one >play small part in the depression.

That is a theory yes.

>I was not raised amidst any environmental >toxicity or did not think i had nutritionally >unbalance diet.

How is the level of stress in your life? Do you work in a stressfull profession?

>True but partially.It is not some of the "guilt" >but complete guilt.In short,whatever has >happened to me or happening to me is purely >because of biological reasons and neither i nor >my family nor my immediate environment has any >role to play whatsoever.Thanks.

Thats fine. I am just arguing that to close the door on certain possabilities is not really all that benificial in the long run. To say that there might be environmental influences on your mood is not to accuse you of anything. Do you notice that your mood is worse during times of stress? Do you notice that your mood changes with the seasons or duration of daylight? Do you notice that your mood fluctuates with varying levels of exercise etc etc.

Even my mother, who is harcore on medications, and genetic causes, still knows that a warm bath can help relax her. Thats what I am talking about.





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